Introducing ‘The Love Trap’

Bored on campus or simply tired of the dull routine of day to day life? Well look no further (that was probably the cheesiest and the most advertising-isque thing I have ever written), the Indian Cultural Society (ICS) is presenting it’s five act play, The Love Trap on the 15th of March.

A 100 minute play following the lives of three typical Indian boys in search of their one true love, only to find that love in reality isn’t as rosy as it is set out to be. A modern take on love and relationships, The Love Trap is an inspiring tell-it-like-it-is tale that promises to make you laugh and cry all at the same time.

But what is an ICS event without some dancing?

Despite the story’s bold decision to challenge the classic bollywood boy-meets-girl take on love, expect an array of dance numbers every other scene that is quite reminiscent of your standard bollywood story.

You will see some familiar faces in the cast and dance crew, the play brings back some of it’s dynamic stars from last semester’s overly successful Diwali event and some new faces who promise to bring some new found talent to the table.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, the event will not let you go hungry, ICS has arranged for a buffet of authentic Indian cuisine that hasn’t been seen since their last event.

You can RSVP here and buy the tickets at SA circle.

Soumya Bhat


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