UNMC, FEB 8 – At 7 pm the Great Hall was packed with students for the Japanese Cultural Society’s (JSoc) annual Japanese Cultural Night. The event was a collaboration with UNMC Music Society and Uni Per Arts, promising lots of entertaining performances throughout the night along with dinner served to the guests in between.

The aim of the event was “to showcase the fun and uniqueness of Japanese culture through performance arts” and to also “portray issues that are currently tackled by Japanese society”. The theme of that night was 人 – hito or “person”.

The night began with the committee members showing the audience a humorous video of behind the scenes footage of members planning the event and their antics such as the “token Indian guy” being able to understand the other members’ back-talking him in Mandarin.

Music performances

After an introductory speech by the president, the guests were treated to many musical performances by MusSoc, featuring renditions of various songs by Japanese musicians and composers.

They included a choir performance by UNMC MuSoc of AKB48’s “Cherry Blossom Bookmark” and “Kaze no Toori Michi” by Joe Hisaishi.

After a brief dinner, student band “Three Steps Down” performed two songs: “Glamorous Sky” by Miki Nakashima and “Wataridori” by Alexandros.

Finally, student musicians captivated the audience by playing “Sakura” (Naoto Moriyama) and “Senbonzakura” (Kurosa-P) with a gu zheng also known as the Chinese zither.

Student Plays

The event also included games and short plays. Members of JSoc with help from Uni Per Arts first acted out a “Madlib” scene where the guests would write random words beforehand which would then be included into the script. The play was a comedy of a Malaysian named “Jack” trying to find his way around Tokyo and getting into humorous shenanigans.

Raucous laughter was heard throughout the hall as the audience was deeply amused at “Jack’s” failed attempts at interacting with the locals with his broken Japanese which most people could relate to. The sketch contained many pop cultural references (a line from The Room earned a few chuckles) and ended with “Jack” getting beaten up by the Yakuza.

The night ended with another short play of a man named Masahiko Takashi struggling between taking over his father’s business and his own freedom. The play contained themes of family, arranged marriage and duty. With one last dance performed by the committee members the event ended with a bang as they let loose party poppers on the audience before leaving.


Written by Nabilah Binti Abu Hassan Alshari

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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