Jom Botak: Shave Lah To Help Childhood Cancer

16 NOV: Ace Society outdid themselves once again through another edition of Jom Botak: Shave Lah! 2017 with a different take in this year’s edition- spreading awareness in childhood cancer.

JomBotak! or “Let’s Go Bald!”, a fund-raising charity event held every two years, was previously organised to provide Breast Cancer awareness, but changed its focus to childhood cancer for this year’s event instead.

All donations from JomBotak! would directly go into CAKNE (CANCER ASSOCIATES & KINDRED NETWORK), a non-profit organisation which aims to bring support and care to children, ages ranging from 17 years to as young as 8 months, who are affected by cancer.

Jom Botak participant getting her hair cut


Brave participants were nominated or auctioned with a set amount on Shave Day to show their support for children with cancer. Some generous volunteers were also found paying RM 20 to shave their heads, or going short for girls. For those who were unwilling to take the drastic step in cutting away their precious hair, direct donations or purchasing a badge or a T-shirt from the booth were accepted as well.

Enthusiastic participants gathered at the SA Circle for Shave day at 10am alongside supportive friends. It’s Hair Art salon, Semenyih, was the main sponsor for the event as hairdressers from the salon provided free services for the participants.

Football with David Beckham’s autograph was auctioned during the event

To kickstart the event, a representative from the Ace society thanked all the hard work done by the organising committee for making the event possible.

The stage was then taken over by the founder of CAKNE, Mr. Mohd Shah Awaluddin, who gave a heartfelt speech about all the children that would benefit from the donations received.

It was announced that a staff member from Corporate Marketing, Mr. Najib Sahari, was generous enough to auction his football signed by the football legend himself, David Beckam, to help raise more funds. The ball was auctioned off for a grand amount of RM780 by the end of the day.

Awaluddin, founder of CAKNE and Najib Sahari from Corporate Marketing



During the event, IGNITE had the opportunity to interview one of the event’s participants-  Avery, a second-year in Financial Accounting Management (FAM), on why she decided to participate in this event. She explained,

I promised a friend of mine to take part in cutting my hair short in a similar event held two years ago, and that’s why I’m here to also show my support. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t look good with short hair, but was later feeling satisfied, especially since it’s for such a noble cause.

Spectators witnessing the participants getting their hair cut

Mr. Mohd Shah Awaluddin shared his experience at Jom Botak!,

I’m very happy to see young people having the empathy and compassion to support children with cancer. As a founder of CAKNE myself, I should always support such events that involve students who care about the society’s unfortunate members.

When asked about her thoughts in organising such a noble event, event manager, Kirana stated that she was very glad that the students were willing to participate in support for childhood cancer. In fact, both the President and Vice-President of the ACE Society, Jasmine and Aina, shared their sentiments with Kirana as well,

We’re very grateful to the UNMC students for coming forward to support the event, for without their support, this event would not be made possible.

Stay tune for the announcement of the amount of funds collected…

Written by Dona Shehani and Lee Sheen Yee


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