K-Drama Playlist: It’s Okay to Cry

Have you ever experienced post-K drama syndrome? For me, listening to the OSTs is absolutely the best way to cure it. And because I’m so obsessed with all these soundtracks, I’ve come up with this sad K-drama OST playlist for your listening pleasure.

Drain (드레인) – “On a Day like This” (오늘 같은 날엔)

Just like the title of the drama, ‘Age of Youth’, I am sure many of us are struggling trying to find ourselves every day, but remember we can always stop our steps and take a breathe. As you listen to the song and the lyrics tell, “You are a very pretty person / you are such a wonderful person”, I hope this song could be a tiny reminder for you that we are all beautiful.

Zitten (짙은) – “I Open My Eyes” (눈을 뜬다)

“어떻게 그대를 참을까, I’ll be there”, translated as “How did you endure like this, I’ll be there”. Just like the lyrics, there will always be someone we wish we could be their support, someone you would want to take care of. The melody may be a bit depressing, but at the same time it is trying to yearn for something impossible to reach. This song is for those who miss someone, but can’t see them.

Ahn Ye Eun – Magic Lily (상사화)

With its elements of Korean traditional folk music, the song elegantly sings the helplessness and confusion of a girl’s love. If you look at the lyrics, “Why is love so hard? / Is this right? / Am I the only one?”, I bet it is relatable for us, given the fact that love is hard, regardless of who you’re trying to love – yourself, your friends, your partners.

Jo DongHye (조동희) – Happy Person (행복한 사람)

Sometimes we would wonder, if we are really happy? How do you define happiness? Happiness could be a cup of coffee in the morning, a smile from a stranger at the door, a catch for the early bus after work, happiness can be anything. But I think we always forgot to look around and embrace all these little things. Recommending this song, I hope it could be a comfort to you who are going through hard times, always remember “You can still find the remaining stars”, and to smile.

Tarin (타린) – Going Home

All these busy schedules and heavy workloads, I hope you’ll always find the way home. Always go back to someone you’ve missed, to the passion you’ve loved, the movies you’ve watched. ‘Going Home’ is a song you can listen alone on your way home. “Let’s go home, it’s getting dark, so my tired feet can rest.”

Lee Juck (이적) – Don’t Worry, My Dear (걱정말아요 그대)

Out of all the songs I mentioned, I love the lyrics of this song the most! “All things that had passed are in the past, they all have a meaning now”, I’ve always kept these words in me, reminding myself to not get worried over unnecessary things, because at the end of the day, it will be in the past. And I hope it could have the same impact on you too!

If you ever felt like spending time alone, and need something to add to your sentiments; this playlist is definitely made for you!

By Vicki Lai

Header photo: avante.biz

I live for 90s alternative rock and Robyn's "Dancing on My Own".

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