Light Upon Light

This, he says, is your path:

See with your ears, hear with your eyes.

We’ll bind your mouth shut with silk ribbons;

the unborn speak without words.

Believe not what you feel, for a presence is

the mocking shadow of an absence.

A mural of a past life dissolves, and all that is left

are faded stage curtains and blank walls.


Of all that is eternal, I give you:

Lute-players gathering under fig trees

to play the last hues of night away.

Palms upturned;

feel the sun seep through your fingers.

Jasmine petals scattered under an empty chair.

Sweet dreams, while they last, can be stretched over

sunken graves.

And of me, I give you:

An oil lamp, abandoned in the hollow of an ancient tree.

Wrapped in a ball of light, lit by a far eastern fire

of which its fuel are blessed olive-trees.

Light upon light. And you will find us, in between flame and

shadow. Where mystics prostrate, weeping, in delight and fear.

Where choruses bleed your ears and deceive you to remember

what never was.

Faith, have faith:

Lips curled on the edge of a flute

Hesitant, almost reluctant, you’ll breathe in the cool, dark water.

It’s only a matter of time.

Their skirts are brighter than their smirking smiles.

Marble eyes reflect only sulphurous smoke.

Tonight you dine with Babylonian kings and

drunken poets.

I’ll be waiting:

Under the shade of a splintered cross,

with the harps and drums hidden under

wet grass. There are no songs to be sang

at your beginning or end. We’ll be there,

ashen faced, speaking less and saying more.

We’ll laugh the disappointment off our faces, and

ask ourselves, silently, upon a revelation-

Where does it all end?

Girl in the Green Scarf

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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  • November 30, 2012


    This is absolutely beautiful. <3