Malaysian News Bulletin: Mon 12/11/12

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Monday 12th November 2012


1. “JOHOR BAHRU: Four robbers tried to take a 10-year-old child hostage after they ransacked his house in Johor Baru on Saturday. His 30-year-old distressed mother pleaded with the robbers not to take her son away.”


2. “KAJANG: A stench persisting for three days led a security guard to a body of a woman lying in an abandoned bus.”


3. “KUALA LUMPUR: The number of flood victims in Selangor rose to 1,327 people Monday morning compared to 1,273 people Sunday night.”


4. “KUALA LUMPUR: Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) is offering a 60 sen discount to its users in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration Tuesday, the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) said in a statement here Monday.”


5. “SUBANG JAYA: Hundreds of devout Catholics and a smaller number of curious onlookers are continuing to gather at the Sime Darby Medical Centre here to see for themselves an image said to resemble the Virgin Mary.”


Any stories we’ve missed that should be included?

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