MARHABAN, Arabic Food!

Remember Al-Fatah, the previous Arabic shop? Well, it’s all different now as a new shop has taken over. With its delicious-looking Arabic food and reasonable price – unlike the previous, it’s the perfect place to drop by when you are craving for Arabic delicacies. Here are the 3 Must-Try dishes to boost your energy:

  1. Royal Chicken

Bukhari rice with chicken

Fragrant Bukhari rice is served with a roasted chicken wing and some unique sauces (sour cream garlic onion, spicy parsley tomato sauce, and hummus). A simple yet royal-looking dish, a taste of a spoonful of its rice along with a bit of chicken will simply make you crave for more. Dipping the chicken into the sauce will simply enhance the flavour of the chicken. Although RM 11 for a dish is slightly expensive, it’s still worth the price.

  1. Shawarma with Fries

Shawari with French fries

If you are craving for French fries yet at the same time wanting to eat something filling, do not hesitate to try this out. Fries are served with roasted chicken wrapped in a tortilla with some sour cream garlic onion sauce inside, waiting to burst out as soon as you take a bite. It’s also a perfect dish if you are hoping to have a quick 10-minute meal and all of it costs RM 7.90.

  1. Lasagne

Cheesy Chicken Lasagne

Looking for something cheesy? Then, you will definitely need to try this out. With just RM7, you can get a huge chunk of baked cheesy lasagne with some tomatoes and capsicums, and some roasted chicken hidden within the spiced layers of pasta. I highly recommend this if you are also a pasta lover.

Overall, the food at this new Arabic shop was splendid and worth the price but, the chicken is a bit dry, therefore, make sure you drink plenty of water after eating it. If you happen to have some time during your lunch break, do give it a try. The Arabic shop opens from 10am-8pm from Monday to Friday (a gentle reminder: they will have a short break for Friday prayers from 1.30–2.30pm).

Featured image: Anne Marie

Written by Darren Chin

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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