Malaysian News Bulletin: Wed 20/02/2013

We UNMC students love our campus news & gossip, but do we know about any current affairs outside of our campus bubble? Every week day, IGNITE brings you a “Malaysian News Bulletin” with the top 5 stories we think you need to read.
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Wednesday 20th February 2013

1. “KUALA LUMPUR: Parliament has to be dissolved this week if the general election is to be held in March.”


2. “BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: A 39-year-old Malaysian woman has been found murdered and her body cemented into a wall at a friend’s house here.”


3. “IPOH: Five children were slightly injured in a fire caused by a gas leak at a kindergarten in Bagan Serai.”


4. “PERAK: A LIFT plunged five floors after its cable snapped in a 10-storey apartment block at the Lumut naval base in Perak, causing a woman who was in it to suffer severe head and neck injuries.”


5. “KUALA LUMPUR: After a spate of acid-splashing incidents in 2011 and last year, recent talk in cyber space is that “The splasher is back”!


Any stories we’ve missed that should be included?


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