MyNottingham: What You Need to Know

MyNottingham is the up and coming online platform grabbing attention through emails, Facebook posts, informative videos, and posters across campus grounds – but much is still unclear regarding what the hype is all about. So, as MyNottingham’s launch date is due this month, IGNITE has made a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help everyone understand the huge change coming this Spring semester.


What is MyNottingham?

MyNottingham is the name of a new online portal that will soon be used by students, staff, and even alumni across all of Nottingham’s global campuses. This new system will improve current student experience and university performance. Following Project Transform and its team, MyNottingham follows the Global Strategy 2020, Nottingham’s roadmap for development, which aims to place students at the heart of the University. In short, it is an online system with everything and anything that students may need all in one place. It will be compatible on any device, and accessible anytime or anywhere.

How will MyNottingham help me?

Currently, the University’s relationship and interactions with students are not perfect. As Nottingham UK Campus’ Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Greenaway put it himself,


“The management of the student lifecycle is fragmented, disjointed, a bit unreliable – and it shouldn’t be that way.”


Hence, through Project Transform, MyNottingham will be a system that is always responsive. It will  give students access to information when they want, whenever they want. It is a self-service, personalised online platform tailored to each individual student’s experience, meant to help you carry out tasks whenever convenient. MyNottingham will include 24/7 access to:

  • A new online payment gateway to effortlessly make payments like tuition fees that can be tracked from any device.
  • All available information about your modules, programmes, timetables and studies.
  • Contact details – which can be kept up to date with instantaneous changes.
  • Make requests for instant support.

All in all, with the implementation of MyNottingham, students will benefit improved service delivery in departments of Student Registry, Finance, Admissions and faculty offices.


Additionally, members of staff will benefit too. MyNottingham will equip with the virtual tools needed to complete work more efficiently, making staff roles much easier in terms of administration. As Professor Sarah O’Hara, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and chair of the Organisation Design working group at Nottingham UK Campus explains,

“There will be less paperwork, as the system will be more intuitive and allow them to do other things rather than mundane processing that is a large part of many people’s job at the moment”.


When will MyNottingham be fully implemented?

At the moment, a lot of these changes are happening behind the scenes. But over the next few months, students will see developments taking place. Starting this semester, the way that certain student services are accessed will be quite different. The exact details will be made clearer as the launch approaches.


In short, it’s clear that the University has invested in a major transformation to improve student experience. Although its a huge change, we have to admit that it sounds promising. After all, a system like MyNottingham would make students online academic processes and activities much easier. So, we at IGNITE are looking forward to its launch and the marked improvement on the University’s facilities that it signifies. The question is, are you?



Photographs and Video belong to University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

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