The 2016 Nations Cup Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the Nations Cup, held on the 11th of November marked the end of the intense UNMC 6th annual Nations Cup. As usual, the closing ceremony was held at the Sports Complex field. Starting from 5:40 P.M., hundreds of students gathered at the field, eager to watch what was in store for them.




The closing ceremony officially kicked off at 6:40 P.M., with the emcee addressing that the closing ceremony had begun. Despite commencing 10 minutes later than scheduled, the ceremony started off with a huge punch—an electric Zumba dance performance by the Fitness Club. Their liveliness and spirit got everyone pumped up and excited for the event with their energetic moves; some members of the audience were influenced by the dancers’ fierce moves and danced along to the upbeat rhythm.




After the invigorating Zumba performance, it was followed by a moving speech from the SA Sports Officer, Andy Tan and the prize giving ceremony. Andy teared up during his speech as he was really appreciative towards everyone who had made this event possible. Winners for various sports categories were then announced and medals of gold, silver and bronze were given out to respective winners as a form of recognition of their success. The prize giving ceremony lasted about 40 minutes.




Before proceeding to the pinnacle of the ceremony, a cheerleading performance by the Cheerleading Club was presented to the audience in the indoor Basketball court as an intermission. At 8:30 P.M., the SA vice president, Jason, delivered a speech and presented the awards for the best Sportswoman and Sportsman. The best Sportswoman award went to Sarah-Ann Thorp of Malaysia. She won 6 gold medals, the highlight of which was a 20-second lead in the women’s 50m butterfly swimming event.




The best Sportsman award was awarded to Mohannad Shahin (Dinho) of Egypt. Shortly after that, a special award (best sportsmanship) was presented to Aqeel Deen, the previous SA president who motivated the team to organise the Nations Cup.




Right after that, came the most anticipated part of the ceremony—the announcement of the overall winner of the Nations Cup. As tension filled and spread in the air, the National Anthem was played as a sign of respect and patriotism. After the anthem finished playing, the Emcee then announced that:

And the winner of this year’s Nations Cup goes to Malaysia!




It was later announced that the 2nd and 3rd places went to Sri Lanka and Egypt respectively.




To wrap up the Closing Ceremony, there was a lucky draw and it was followed by an intense yet fun water fight where all the audience got to enjoy and loosen up themselves by having water balloons bursting in their face.




Overall, the UNMC 6th annual Nations Cup 2016 was a highly successful event and the closing ceremony concluded it with a grand finale. IGNITE would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the three winning countries for their outstanding performances, as well as all the athletes who have made their countries proud. Lastly, IGNITE would like to thank and congratulate the SA Sports Team for putting a tremendous amount of effort into organising the Nations Cup and we are definitely looking forward to next year’s Nations Cup!


By Kelvin Wong

Photographs by Hariz Danial, Shazlyn Izura, and Malik Hisyam

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