Nations Cup 2016: Swimming Finals

This year’s Nations Cup swimming finals on Thursday and Friday saw Malaysia (MAS) sweeping 9 Gold medals and Egypt (EGY) winning 3 Gold medals out of all 12 events. Key moments include a Malaysian swimmer wowing the crowd and a re-timing of an event that caused Sri Lanka to lose Bronze to Maldives.

Other participating nations include: United Kingdom (UK), Kenya (KEN), Sri Lanka (SRI), Mauritius (MRI), Maldives (MDV), China, Indonesia and Pakistan. (See results below.)

Malaysia’s Sarah-Ann Thorp shone through the waters in Women’s 50m Butterfly, 50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle coming in at 32.10, 35.89 and 30.32 respectively — securing first place in all her events. The Sarawakian state swimmer proved a formidable opponent and earned anxious looks from other female swimmers after winning her first event with a 20-second lead.

Sarah-Ann Thorpe

Sarah-Ann Thorp

Initially, Sri Lanka came in third for Men’s 4x25m Freestyle Relay while Egypt and Malaysia came in first (1:03.12) and second (1:13.50) respectively. However, Maldives called for a re-timing as their first swimmer claimed to have been unable to hear the whistle start. It seemed that several other teams experienced this too as they started with a slight delay.

After some deliberation, Maldives was given a second attempt and managed to claim Sri Lanka’s third place by 1 second at 1:16.91. In light of this, both Pakistan and Sri Lanka requested for a re-timing. Pakistan improved their timing by 4 seconds but it was still not enough to push them into top 3 while Sri Lanka remained just 1 second away from Maldives to their disappointment.


On top of that, Sri Lanka’s Harinath Gunenthiran was at first neck-and-neck with Egypt’s Omar Khaled Alsandouby during Men’s 50m Backstroke but Gunenthiran stopped short mistaking the event for 25m, giving Alsandouby the lead. When Gunenthiran realised, he managed to power through the remaining distance to secure 2nd place — clocking in at 50.09, behind Egypt’s 42.38 while Malaysia finished at 01:07.82.

UK’s Adam Busko could not make it to Men’s 50m Butterfly event on time and was automatically given third place despite his 38-second timing that could’ve earned him a second.


There was a heavy downpour when both Women’s Relay events took place on Friday morning and lane ropes were unable to be installed. But the keen swimmers raced through the pools despite the conditions and wrapped the swimming final events in a competitively charged atmosphere.

Here are the rankings for all swimming events:

Men’s 50m Butterfly
  1. Tan Juinn Ming, MAS, 31.00
  2. Foo Chuan Rei, MAS, 48.37
  3. Adam Busko, UK, 38.75 (Missed the event)
Women’s 50m Butterfly
  1. Sarah-Ann Thorp, MAS, 32.10
  2. Sandra Njoki Mwaura, KEN, 52.56
  3. Yeoh Hui Wen, MAS, 01:07.82
Men’s 50m Backstroke
  1. Omar Khaled Alsandouby, EGY, 42.38
  2. Harinath Gunenthiran, SRI, 50.09
  3. Yew Guo Yong, MAS, 1:11.25
Women’s 50m Backstroke
  1. Sarah-Ann Thorp, MAS, 35.89
  2. Dhavinya Saba, MAS, 49.35
  3. Sandra Njoki Mwaura, KEN, 53.12
Men’s 50m Breaststroke
  1. Song Jia Ming, MAS, 39.47
  2. Lee Hong Yang, MAS, 41.15
  3. Seif Wael, EGY, 43.43
Women’s 50m Breaststroke
  1. Lee Ching Ching, MAS, 55.19
  2. Sandra Njoki Mwaura, KEN, 57.50
  3. Keshini Seewoochurn, MRI, 1:00.24
Men’s 50m Freestyle
  1. Tan Juin Ming, MAS, 24.38
  2. Foo Chuan Fong, MAS, 29.29
  3. Adam Busko, UK, 29.70
Women’s 50m Freestyle
  1. Sarah Ann-Thorp, MAS, 30.32
  2. Tormalli Francis, SRI, 44.50
  3. Lee Ching Ching, MAS, 44.93
Men’s 4x25m Medley Relay
  1. EGY, 1:10.97
  2. MAS, 1:28.08
  3. SRI, 1:35.59
Women’s 4x25m Medley Relay
  1. MAS, 1:31.50
  2. SRI, 1:54.72
  3. MDV, 2:44.97
Men’s 4x25m Freestyle Relay
  1. EGY, 1:03.12
  2. MAS, 1:13.50
  3. MDV, 1:16.91
Women’s 4x25m Freestyle Relay
  1. MAS, 1:20.00
  2. SRI, 1:29.36
  3. MRI, 1:44.02

Photographs by Kitty Chen. Write-up by Jonathan Sim and Suanne Tan. 

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