The 2017 Nations Cup 100-metre dash ended in a flash with Chidimma from the United Kingdom and Mohammed Ibrahim of Egypt as the gold medallists in the women’s and men’s categories respectively.

Due to continuous rain, the event was postponed from 9am to 11am on the 5th November 2017. There were 37 runners in total, there to establish their passion in running.

Participants warming up before their sprints 

MENS’ 100M

The defending champion, Mohammed Ibrahim accomplished his race, 0.25 seconds earlier than Banuka Silva from Sri Lanka. They were neck to neck during the race and Ibrahim managed to power pass him in the middle of the run. The bronze medal went to Muhammad Nazir with a time of 12.29 seconds.


Gold: Mohammed Ibrahim – Egypt (11.16 seconds)

Silver: Banuka Silva – Sri Lanka (11.41 seconds) 

Bronze: Muhammad Nazir – Nigeria (12.29 seconds)

Egypt’s Mohammed Ibrahim making a strong finish


Chidimma stormed to the gold medal within 15 seconds by having a strong lead throughout the whole run.

Malaysia achieved the silver and bronze medals in this category. Wong Jia Shin and Farida were the winners with the time of 15.52 seconds and 15.88 seconds respectively.

Wonder women (From left): Wong, Chidimma and Farida.


Gold: Chidimma – United Kingdom (15.00 seconds) 

Silver: Wong Jia Shin – Malaysia (15.52 seconds)

Bronze: Farida – Malaysia (15.88 seconds)


Eventually, the event was a great success. The crowd managed to support their team with supportive cheers while the runners had tried their best throughout the run.


Written by Joann Chua Rou En

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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