The archery finals this year were a mix of brilliant archers and fresh potentials, making it one of the most unpredictable competitions under this year’s nation’s cup.

Teams who were competing for gold on the 5th of November were from the UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, and Egypt.

After 3 rounds of knock offs and four rounds of finals, the UK came in first place in the Men’s finals, whereas the gold medal  in the Women’s finals went to Singapore.


During the first round of the knock offs, Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Ayoub Juman beat Malaysia with 25 points to Malaysia’s 11.

The winning streak continued in the next two rounds, therefore earning Sri Lanka the full 6 points and a place to compete for the gold medal.

UK’s Vinay Varsani – who still competed despite an arm injury 2 weeks ago – and Malaysia’s Lee Wen Kang went through a stiff competition, with Vinay scoring 26, 27, 28 points respectfully, earning the full 6 points and qualifying him to compete against Sri Lanka’s Mohammed for the gold medal. Malaysia’s Cha Jun Xiang and Lee Wen Kang competed for the Bronze medal in the finals.

During the finals, UK outdone Sri Lanka in the first two rounds; however they tied in the third round, each scoring 28 points.

UK won the fourth and final round against Sri Lanka by 7 points, making the UK the champion of this year’s Men’s Archery.

Gold: UK, Vinay Versani
Silver: Sri Lanka, Mohammed Ayoub Juman
Bronze: Malaysia, Lee Wen Kang


The women’s finals had Singapore competing against Bangladesh for the gold medal, and Maldives against Egypt for bronze.

Singapore’s Iffah Hazirah Binte Amran, who played against Bangladesh’s Akila Rubaiya Haque Purna for three rounds, earned herself the full 6 points and the gold medal, while Purna walked away with silver.

On the other hand, the competition saw Egypt’s rookie archer, Habiba Elsaadany against Saya Hussain from Maldives.

Elsaadany missed all six shots in the first two rounds, making it easy for Hussain to earn her four points.

However, just when the crowd thought that Hussain’s win was certain due to her opponent’s seemingly amateur performance, Elsaadany unexpectedly won in the next three rounds, taking home the bronze medal for Egypt.

Gold: Singapore, Iffah Hazirah Binte Amran
Silver: Bangladesh, Akila Rubaiya Haque Purna
Bronze: Egypt, Habiba Elsaadany

Written by Rzan Mohamed

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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