NATIONS CUP 2017: Basketball (F) Finals

Malaysians were the winners for the Women’s basketball finals, while Maldives and the Rest Of the World walked away with silver and bronze respectively.


The first game of the evening of 8th November saw the Rest of the World (ROW) and Indonesia compete for the bronze category.

It was anyone’s game as both teams were equally good and in control of the game.

Rest of the World was dominating the game from the start that it would seem as though Indonesia would give up; however, Indonesia did make a nice come back to score more, later.

As Indonesia started to pick up, Rest of the World fought back as hard, which led the game to end with a tie- 3-3, for both teams.

Indonesia trying their best to beat players from ROW

It was then announced that the team which scored the first 2 points would be declared as the winner. Indonesia led the next game and teams were playing fiercely again.

Despite Indonesia’s best defence, ROW managed to score the 2 points first and earned their spot in the third place in a highly competitive match.

In total, the scores were 5-4 for ROW and Indonesia respectively.


The Gold category saw Maldivians against Malaysians, which took place right after the game for bronze.

It was clear from the start that team Malaysia dominated the match, forcing the Maldivian team to step up their game as supporters for Maldives cheered on.

The game intensified and the ball was being passed quickly, while both teams gave their best to be in control of the ball.

Nicole from Malaysia ready to block a player from Maldives

The game concluded with 9 points for Malaysia, while Maldives managed to score 2 more points as they bring their score to a 6 towards the end of the game, crowning Malaysians as the champions for this year’s Women’s Basketball Finals.



Gold: Malaysia

Silver: Maldives

Bronze: Rest of the World (ROW)

Winners of the Women’s Basketball Finals (from left): Maldives, Malaysia and Rest of the World (ROW)



Written by Mirza Rayana Sanzana


"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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