Nations Cup 2017: Dodgeball Finals

Malaysia becomes the crowned champion again for Dodgeball, with Bangladesh snagging the Silver, and the Bronze given to both India and Sri Lanka.

The Nations Cup Dodgeball Finals were held on the 7th of November, 2017. The finals consisted of four participating teams (Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka). The first game was between Malaysia and Bangladesh competing for the Gold medal and the second game was between India and Sri Lanka competing for the bronze medal. Malaysia again emerged as the champions for the fourth consecutive year by bagging the gold medal in an intense game against Bangladesh.


Although Bangladesh started out strong during the first set, the game however, taken by Malaysia. Similar to the previous year, Bangladesh’s strategy was to shield their main throwers with other players to prevent their main attackers from getting hit. The second set lasted for around 6 minutes with Malaysia scoring another win. The third set, in a twist, was won by the Bangladeshis. It was an intense set as both the teams were down to a single player trying to take out their opponent.  In the end, the Bangladesh managed to take out Malaysia, ending the game at 1-3.



The match between India and Sri Lanka was cancelled after an issue in regards to player replacements during Nations Cup. According to the rules of Nations Cup, an injured player cannot be replaced in the team sheets by a new player. A new player can only be added to the team sheet if there are empty slots available. However, right before the match was about to begin while the players were signing the team sheets, India noticed that Sri Lanka had been playing a replaced player since the group stages. This was brought up with the Sports Officer Omar Shweekh who was present there.

The matter was argued and investigated for two days and it was found that it had been a mistake on the part of the Nottingham Sports Team who allowed Sri Lanka to replace their injured player, even though Sri Lanka had been ready to play with one less player. As such, the options presented by Omar were either for India and Sri Lanka to share the bronze medal, or for the whole sport to be cancelled as it was a grave mistake on the part of the Nottingham Sports Team.

However, India agreed to the former option and Sri Lanka was satisfied with it as well. As a result, the match did not take place and both the countries were awarded bronze.


The prize giving ceremony was held on the 9th of November at 6.45pm at the indoor court. All the players congratulated each other and sang their national anthem proudly.

Final Results:

First: Malaysia

Second: Bangladesh

Third: India and Sri Lanka


Written by Harishma Remanan

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