Nations Cup 2017: Football Finals

On the 7th of November, the highly anticipated Football finals took place and the matches did not disappoint. After quite a battle, Egypt emerged as the champions. Malaysia secured the silver medal with the United Kingdom earning bronze after defeating Rest of the World in a dramatic show off. 

UK managed to secure the bronze medal after a long and hard game with Rest of the World. UK played a good game and created many chances during the first half. They were rewarded with a goal before the half time break. However, ROW didn’t give up. They persisted, kept fighting, and managed to equalize a few minutes before the match ended. 

Everyone expected the match to go into extra time. But to their great astonishment, a spectacular shot from UK brought them a last minute goal. Their supporters on the sidelines began cheering loudly after this and didn’t stop until the last second of the game. ROW played bravely but UK proved to be the superior team.

Last year, in Nations Cup 2016, Egypt placed second. Malaysia defeated them with a last minute penalty during added time. When these two teams faced each other again this time for the final, Egypt intended to give their best performance and secure the first place, while Malaysia fought hard to defend their title.

The match started with Malaysia playing offensively and Egypt on the defensive. Although Malaysia was dominating, Egypt managed to score a goal in the first few minutes from a long shot outside the box by the Egyptian captain, Omar. As the pace of the match intensified, the cheer of the crowds grew louder. Malaysia kept advancing and trying to attack, but the Egyptian defense held strong and the first half ended with 1-0 lead for Egypt. 

Two minutes into the second half Egypt managed to snatch another goal. Their striker Ibrahim made a good run from a counter attack and shot the ball into the nets of the Malaysian team. To make matters harder for Malaysia, a minute after they conceded the second goal they were forced to switch their midfielder Xuan to goalkeeper. Their keeper got badly injured trying to stop Ibrahim from scoring a third goal. 

Despite the odds being against them, the Malaysian crowd continued cheering for their team to motivate them to try and come back. As the minutes passed by, the game was getting more and more intense as Malaysia started creating really good chances. But they were not fortunate enough to score a goal.  

Three minutes away from the final whistle, the Egyptian captain Omar got injured and had to be subbed off. The team, however, did not allow the unfortunate event to unsettle them and focused on winning the match. Malaysia pushed harder to net the ball but instead were disappointed when the Egyptians managed to score yet another goal from a counter attack. This time it was by Ali Tolba.  

Sadly, one of the Malaysian players Justin Vinoud, dislocated his shoulder in the dying moments of the game. The final whistle blew a few seconds later and Egypt emerged champions. 

Both teams gave it their all despite the unfortunate injuries.  The prize giving ceremony took place shortly after the final ended. All three winners stood proudly on the podium celebrating their wins and exchanging congratulations with the other teams. 

  Final standings:

Gold- Egypt

Silver- Malaysia

Bronze- United Kingdom

Match results:

Match for bronze medal: United Kingdom 2-1 Rest of the World

Match for gold medal: Egypt 3-0 Malaysia


By Mirza Rayana Sanzana


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