Nations Cup 2017: Hockey Finals

Malaysia clinches gold for the hockey finals while Pakistan won silver and the UK defeated Sri Lanka for the bronze.

The hockey field was fully booked for the hockey games on Friday October 27th. The group stages started from 6 pm followed by the semi-finals and the finals.

The games started off with Group A consisting of the UK, Sri Lanka and India competing against each other to qualify for the Semi-Finals.

Similarly Group B had Malaysia, Pakistan and Egypt. It was quite a tough day for the hockey players.

Malaysia vs Pakistan

The weather was quite good which led to an attendance of quite a number of supporters and the teams were enthusiastic and in high spirits.

Malaysia dominated the hockey field by scoring 15 goals in both the group stages and semi-finals and only conceding 3 goals.

They showed everyone that they came to win. This was quite expected after the diligent training Malaysia went through during the past month.

Malaysia faced off Pakistan in the finals and did even better by scoring 7 goals.

Pakistan whose national game is hockey, put up a good fight by managing to score 2 times in the Malaysian goal post despite missing their captain and star player, Muhammad Nauman, due to an injury.

UK vs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka faced UK in a competition to secure the Bronze medal. Both the teams gave their best and in an intense game, UK managed to become the winner.

UK was quite good in offense and they scored 2 goals in the Sri Lankan goal post without conceding any. It was a close match where Sri Lanka kept on trying to equalise but to no avail.

Final Results:

Malaysia vs Pakistan 7-2

UK vs Sri Lanka 2-0


Written by Mirza Rayana Sanzana

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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