Nations Cup 2017: Pool

This year’s pool finals were truly worth watching, with the Maldives gaining not only 1 but 2 golds.; Malaysia gaining 1 silver for the males; Pakistan earning 1 silver for females and Sri Lanka claiming 2 bronze medals. All medals were hard earned whether through fast paced pressured matches or methodically paced lasting matches.

The tournament followed a best out of three games victory. Md Alvi Navid (Bangladesh) competed against Imad Gulam (Sri Lanka) for the third place. Both were seasoned veterans of pool that led to every shot counting. Imad won the first match clearing the table before Alvi could do so.

Gulam making his shot with precision

Yet,  Alvi made an amazing comeback in the second game clearing 4 balls before successfully getting the Black 8 in. Imad then went on to undo Alvi’s moment and won the third match granting him third place. Both contestants revealed that it was tough for both them but they were content with the day.

Hussain Rizam performing a beautiful shot!

Lo Yi Liang (Malaysia) faced Hussain Rizam (Maldives) in the Males Finals. After a thrilling match, Rizam won the first two matches against Lo Yi Liang.

I was amazed about being able to get so far, the group stages were quite competitive.

Hussain Rizam

Lo Yi Yang who was the brother of the first runner-up last year, mentioned that he had begun practicing since April, in the hopes of earning the gold. Whilst his has not achieved his target this time, his skills and dedication granted him the silver.

Nourhan keeping her eye on the ball.

Nourhan faced off Dulani Karunaratne in a competition to win the bronze medal for the finals. This was the longest game held for the finals, and being the last to finish. Dulani won the first game but called wrongly for the Black 8 ball leading to Nourhan’s victory in the second game. After a grueling game, Dulani managed to score another win, giving her the bronze.

Dulani preparing for another shot

Finally, Mishal Siraj (Pakistan) and Aishath Uraiba Asif (Maldives) faced off in a fierce competition for gold in the female finals. Both were formidable players. The first match ended with Uraiba getting the Black 8 ball in.

However, in the second match Mishal had mistakenly got the black ball in before she had done her set of balls, giving the win to Uraiba who became the champion of this year’s female Pool Tournament. When interviewed, Uraiba revealed that she was very content with her achievements, whereas Mishal commented that she should have been more patient.

Champion Aishath Uraiba Asif (Maldives) and Second Runner up Dulani Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

Final Results:


1st Hussain Rizam (Maldives)

2nd Lo Yi Liang (Malaysia)

3rd Imad Gulam (Sri Lanka)

4th Md Alvi Navid Hoovne (Bangladesh)


1st Aishath Uraiba Asif (Maldives)

2nd Mishal Siraj (Pakistan)

3rd Dulani Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)

4th Nourhan (Egypt)


Written by Omar Khaer

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