A modest crowd gathered at 7 am to witness the 2017 Road Relay Finals today, despite the early hours. Egypt succeeded in winning their second gold in a row during the men’s relay while Malaysia defended their title as champion in the women’s category. 


Egypt’s final runner during the men’s relay


Malaysia, Egypt, and India took to a great start as the 3 countries relatively kept pace with each other.

The gold champion of last year secured another decisive win at 11:49. India finished almost 13 seconds behind while Malaysia finished last, falling short of their time last year of 11:38. 

We asked the winners how they felt about the competition: 

[I feel] excited. This is our 2nd year gold. And it was an easy competition – there was a large distance between me and the 2nd runner.

Team Egypt 


Gold: Egypt (11:49) 

Silver: India (12:02) 

Bronze: Malaysia (13:00) 

 Winners of the Men’s Road Relay


The women’s relay started with a clear lead on Malaysia’s part which they held until the finishing line.

A notable detail was Malaysia’s first runner, Michaelle Phoenix running alongside her teammates in order to give them moral support.

The Malaysian team proved their title of reigning champion with a new record of 14:03, far surpassing last year’s 15:32. 

They were followed by Sri Lanka whose fourth runner persevered and edged her team to Silver even as she collapsed in exhaustion.

Maldives won bronze followed by Indonesia and India. 

I feel thankful. And grateful. We were planning on beating our record and we did.



Gold: Malaysia (14:03) 

Silver: Sri Lanka (15:40) 

Bronze: Maldives (16:43) 

  Winners of the Women’s Road Relay


The winners were awarded at around 8 am after the runners refreshed and hydrated themselves again.

A lot of them were clearly fatigued from the day’s events but many were also having fun recounting the runners’ performances and congratulating each other. 

The cool morning air did nothing to dampen the runners’ spirits. All of them played their best and what is apparent is the definite sense of teamwork and enjoying the thrill of the sport, and with that, the event concluded at around 8.30 am with a memorable organising group photo.


Organising Team for Road Relay

Written by Nabilah binti Abu Hassan Alshari 


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