Nations Cup 2017: Squash Finals

The players did not allow the humid environment in the squash courts to shackle their performances as Egypt grabbed the gold in the men’s category, followed by Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Over in the women’s category, Malaysia secured the gold and bronze medals, with Maldives coming in second.

The women’s singles finalists facing off against each other.

Women’s Category

The fight for the gold was between Sada (Maldives) and Yiew Xin(Malaysia). Both players giving their absolute best, with the intensity running throughout all 3 sets. Yiew Xin, having the clear upper hand, scored 11-0, 11-0 in the first 2 sets. Sada, however, did not allow the setback to dispirit her as she gave her opponent a tough fight before eventually losing the third set 11-7.

Sada (Maldives) in action during women’s singles final.

In the match for bronze, Chia Hwei (Malaysia) was up against Devanga (Sri Lanka). Chia Hwei took home the bronze after defeating her opponent 11-3, 11-3, 11-1.

The women’s category medal winners posing on the podium after the medal presentation ceremony.

Final Results

Gold: Yiew Xin Tung
Silver: Sada
Bronze: Chia Hwei


Men’s Category

The men’s final was a truly competitive match as the squash court echoed with the cheers from the Lankans for Gayash (Sri Lanka) and the Egyptians for Omar (Egypt). The first set was an extremely close one, with both players running for serves. Omar managed to edge Gayash 12-10 in the first set. He eventually emerged victorious after winning the second and third sets 11-4 and 11-6, providing Egypt with their first ever squash gold medal.

Omar of Egypt en route to a historic gold medal for his country.

In the adjoining court, Pakistan and India battled for the bronze medal. Zain (Pakistan) managed to race to an early lead in all three sets, winning the bronze medal with a score of 11-2, 11-9 and 11-5. Rahib (India) injured himself in the third set but kept playing, in a commendable display of perseverance.

The men’s singles medalists posing after the medal presentation ceremony.

Final Results

Gold: Omar El Sandouby
Silver: Gayash Dias
Bronze: Zain Liaquat


By Dona Shehani Amarasinghe

Pictures by Nate Ahmad

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