Nations Cup 2017: Swimming Finals

This year’s Nations cup swimming finals concluded with a bang, with Malaysia earning 8 gold medals, Egypt taking home 2 golds, the United Kingdom winning 1 followed by 1 tie between Egypt and the UK.

Major highlights included Malaysia’s Sarah-Ann Thorp’s amazing performance and a timing dispute between Egypt and the UK. Other competitors included Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, India, and Turkmenistan (See results below).

Malaysia’s Iron Mermaid Sarah-Ann Thorp, who represented the country at the 2017 SEA Games, once again dominated her competition by securing 3 gold medals in the 50m Backstroke (33.69), 100m Individual Medley (01:14:00) and 50m Freestyle (30:13).

UK’s Robyn E. Hart finished second while Sri Lanka’s Tormalli Vigilia Francis took home bronze in all three categories. Due to a lack of swimmers, the Women’s 50m Breaststroke and 50m Butterfly were not held.

Sarah-Ann Thorp

In the Men’s categories, there was confusion during the Men’s 50m Butterfly over who came first between the UK and Egypt.

Both were neck-and-neck towards the end, and although the majority claimed that Egypt’s Shark Ahmed Wael had touched down first, the timing records disagreed.  After much deliberation, the two settled in good sport to call it a tie.

Ng Yin Zin claimed Malaysia’s first gold medal for the Men’s 50m Backstroke (38:17). This victory was followed by Loke Chan Wei in the Men’s 50m Breaststroke while Egypt’s Sefeldin Wael took silver.

The difference between their timing was 0.48 seconds. In the Individual 100m Medley, UK’s William Thomas finished first at 01:22.44. Malaysia would then secure another gold during 50m Freestyle.

The Egyptian crowd’s fervent cheering and high spirits were made heard during their victories in the Men’s 4x50m Medley Relay and 4x50m Freestyle.

Although Malaysia seemed to be ahead at first during the 4x50m Medley, Egypt gained momentum and finished first by almost 6 seconds. Malaysia and Sri Lanka finished second and third respectively at both Relays.

On the other hand, at a timing of 3:02.62, Malaysia came in first in the Women’s 4x50m Medley on account of an amazing start by Thorp while Sri Lanka took home the silver medal at a timing of 04:16:06.

The Maldives’ persistent women’s team won Bronze, despite feeling the building pressure after one of their swimmers almost collapsed and had to be taken out.

The Women’s Freestyle Relay capped off the event with Malaysia finishing first (2:43.00) and Sri Lanka wining their third silver medal for the finals. The team made of women from different countries, calling themselves the Rest of the World, came in third.

In the end, Sri Lanka’s team had kept the atmosphere vibrant, and cheered everyone to soak in the joy of merely representing their country.

“You might not be good, you might be slow, but you’re doing it for your country. It’s all about participating and trying something new,”

Tormali Vigilia Francis

The UK’s team was of a similar attitude, truly basking in the chance to swim out under the sun, something they said they do not get to do often in the UK.

Final Results:

50m Backstroke (M):

  1. Ng Yin Zhi, 38:17
  2. Chong Lik Keane, 38.47
  3. Omar Khaled Alsandouby, 43.03

50m Backstroke (F):

  1. Sarah-Ann Thorp, 33.69
  2. Robyn Emma Hart, 38.68
  3. Tormali Vigilia Francis, 1.08.66

50m Breaststroke (M):

  1. Loke Chan Wei, 46.55
  2. Seifeldin Waei, 47.03
  3. Mohannad Shahin, 47.96

100m Medley (M):

  1. William Thomas, 1.22.44
  2. Ng Yin Zhi, 1.28.35
  3. Chong Lik Keane, 1.32.47

100m Medley (F):

  1. Sarah-Ann Thorp, 1.14.00
  2. Robyn Emma Hart, 1.24.62
  3. Tormali Vigilia Francis, 3.10.53

50m Butterfly (M):

  1. William Thomas, 34.34
  2. Ahmed Wael, 35.56
  3. Ng Yin Zhi, 42.18

Note: Timing disputed. 

50m Freestyle (M):

  1. Diow Rhu Jie, 32.74
  2. Ahmed Wael, 33.41
  3. Begenoh Soyunov, 36.63

50m Freestyle (F):

  1. Sarah-Ann Thorp, 30.13
  2. Robyn Emma Hart, 34.09
  3. Tormali Vigilia Francis, 44.12

4x50m Medley Relay (M):

  1. Egypt, 2.41.91
  2. Malaysia, 2.47.22
  3. Sri Lanka, 4.08.19

4×50 Medley Relay (F):

  1. Malaysia, 3.02.62
  2. Sri Lanka, 4.16.06
  3. Maldives, 6.27.40

4x50m Freestyle Relay (M):

  1. Egypt, 2.21.07
  2. Malaysia, 2.29.88
  3. Sri Lanka, 2.56.54

4x50m Freestyle Relay (F):

  1. Malaysia, 2.43.00
  2. Sri Lanka, 3.26.1o
  3. ROW, 3.34.17

Editor’s note: Originally IGNITE reported 7 wins for Malaysia instead of 8 (the information was originally taken from the SA Facebook page) and that Egypt’s Wael received the gold for 50m Butterfly (M) when in actuality it did indeed end with a tie and both Egypt and UK won gold.


Written By Rzan Mohamed Salih Abdalla

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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