Nations Cup 2017: Table Tennis

Continuing their dominant form from last year, the Sri Lankan and Malaysian teams once again performed strongly in all three categories of table tennis.

It was not an uncommon sight to see players displaying immense concentration during their matches.

Ho Jing Ting from Malaysia attained the gold medal in the women’s singles after three straight victories, whereas defending champion Abdur Azeez of Sri Lanka preserved his crown in the men’s singles, having beaten Choong Jiachenn of Malaysia three to one.

Sri Lanka and Malaysia obtained the first and second places respectively in the mixed doubles category, while Egypt came in third without a single win.


Women’s Singles

The women’s singles was carried out in a round robin format, with the players being Emily Yap (M’sia), Shaziya Samad (Sri Lanka), Ho Jing Ting (M’sia), and Vidushi Faujdar (India). Each player played against the other three, with their final positions depending on their accumulated points after three respective games.

Ho Jing Ting in action during the women’s singles.

Having won all three of her matches, Ho Jing Ting came out tops, with Vidushi and Shaziya rounding up the medal positions.

Final results:

Gold: Ho Jing Ting (Malaysia) (3-0, 3-1, 3-1)

Silver: Vidushi Faujdar (India) (1-3, 3-1, 3-0)

Bronze: Shaziya Samad (Sri Lanka) (1-3, 3-1, 0-3)


Men’s Singles

Choong Jiachenn (Malaysia) and defending champion Abdur Azeez (Sri Lanka) fiercely battled in the final for a shot at the gold medal. Azeez preserved the crown with a score of 3-1.

Despite a strong start against Choong, Azeez seemed to suffer from a sudden case of the nerves during the third set, allowing Choong to pull one back. However, in the fourth set, Azeez rediscovered his composure and sealed the final comfortably.

Players in action during the men’s singles.

The men’s games began at the quarter finals, with the group stage matches being played on the 22nd of October. Ong Jing Ren (Malaysia) and Mohamed Hamza (Bangladesh) fought for the third place, with Hamza winning the game 4-3.

Hamza (Bangladesh) facing off against Ong Jing Ren (Malaysia) in the bronze medal play-off.


Final results:

 Gold: Abdur Azeez

Silver: Choong Jiachenn

Bronze: Mohamed Hamza


Mixed Doubles

The mixed doubles followed the round robin format as well, with Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Egypt being the participating nations. Sri Lanka won the gold medal after winning both their matches, whereas Malaysia triumphed over Egypt to clinch the silver medal.

Egypt and Sri Lanka locked in an intense battle during the mixed doubles.

Final results:

Gold: Sri Lanka (3-0, 3-0)

Silver: Malaysia (0-3, 3-0)

Bronze: Egypt (0-3, 0-3)

Several players have performed superbly even though they played continuously in two categories. However, every player wholly deserved praise for their great effort and sportsmanship.

Azeez of Sri Lanka being congratulated by Bangladesh’s Hamza after their match.



By Teoh Sing Fei
Photographs by Samantha Lim & Kuan Meng Xian


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