Nations Cup 2017: Tennis Finals

The 2017 Nations Cup Tennis Finals had all the players resolutely fighting till the very end, with Seychelle’s Clyvie Delpech and Kazakhstan’s Beksultan Tursunkhanov emerging as victors in both women’s and men’s categories respectively.

November’s cascade of rainfall had the event running for two consecutive days. The female category breezed through preliminaries straight to finals on Saturday the 4th while the male category completed both semi-finals and finals on the next day.

Women’s Category:

The finals saw the two-year reigning tennis champion, Clyvie Delpech sweeping through to grab her third Gold medal from Turkmenistan’s Selbi Rozyyeva at the latter’s serve, with a game ending in 6-0.

Clyvie in perfect position for the serve

Selbi then competed against Nipuni Nagahawatte of Sri Lanka, and emerged a worthy victor for the Bronze medal at game 6-0.

Selbi returning a shot

When approached after her match, Clyvie said that she is proud to have come this far from being the nervous first year here in this university, to be a seasoned winner in securing three consecutive Gold medals for her and her country to keep.

From left to right: Selbi (Turkmenistan), Clyvie (Seychelles), Nipuni (Sri Lanka)

Final Results:

Gold: Clyvie Delpech – Seychelles

Silver: Selbi Rozyyeva – Turkmenistan

Bronze: Nipuni Nagahawatte – Sri Lanka

Men’s Category:

Beksultan Tursunkhanov from Kazakhstan and Pranav Rawlani of India dueled for approximately 40 minutes in the men’s finals. The ninth and final set saw Beksultan’s win at Pranav’s serve which ended at 6-3.

Beksultan in action during men’s finals

United Kingdom’s Adam Brown made his country proud obtaining Bronze in a 6-0 game against Malaysia’s Amir Ahsanuddin Bin Aminuddin.

When asked, Beksultan commented that his challenger was not easy to beat. It was a tough game, but he managed to control his momentum, and finally secured the winning medal for his country.

From left to right: Pranav (India), Beksultan (Kazakhstan), Adam (UK)

Final Results:

Gold: Beksultan Tursunkhanov – Kazakhstan

Silver: Pranav Rawlani – India

Bronze: Adam Brown – United Kingdom


Written by Allisya Rezuriff 

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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