Nations Cup 2017: Tug of War (F) Finals

After intense strength and cooperative strategy on both female teams for three rounds, Malaysia finally got hold of the gold medal. They had won against the United Kingdom which went home with a silver medal while Rest of the World (ROW) walked away with a bronze medal.

A few changes happened to the venue and the timing of the game as the rain was still heavily pouring down and the lightning was still flashing prior to the scheduled time. The whistle was blown around 7.20PM at the indoor basketball court as opposed to the initial venue which was the outdoor field. The spectators were nevertheless still very pumped from the overflowing positive energy despite of the gloomy weather outside.

Indonesia Versus Rest Of The World

The battle of the rope was very intense and cheers from the participants and the spectators alike filled and echoed across the closed court. The Indonesian team looked disheartened when ROW won two out of the three rounds. The fighting spirit still went on to the third round from both of the teams and ROW emerged again as the winner of the round and secured themselves the bronze medal.

Malaysia Versus United Kingdom

The atmosphere in the court was powerful and energetic as the participants’ fighting spirits were burning in their eyes as both of the teams fought to get hold of the gold medal and be deemed as the champion. The game was not an easy win as both of the teams were holding their ground while trying to pull the rope to their side. Shock rippled through the crowd as the second round was also won by the Malaysian team but the United Kingdom did not give up for their third round as they were determined to win even if just for a round.

The night ended when the prize-giving ceremony of the games that were held on that day commenced as the sounds of the national anthems played.

Final Results:

First: Malaysia

Second: United Kingdom

Third: Rest Of The World

Written by Khairina Binti Khairul Nizam

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