Malaysia adds another gold medal in the Women’s Volleyball finals as they win 2 straight sets against Team Seychelles, in a game of best out of 3, 25-9 and 25-10 respectively.

Malaysian player preparing to serve

The first set saw the defending champions from last year’s Nations Cup beating their opponent easily with the score of 25-9 on Monday night, 6th November.

Competition got stiffer in the second set when both teams stepped up their games in a series of unwavering sets and spikes.

Malaysian player preparing to toss

In fact, the second match was more interesting to watch as players from both nations were defending and attacking at their best.

Due to missteps made by Seychelles’ team, especially towards the end of the second set, Team Malaysia managed to win points, bringing the Malaysians’ score to 25-10.

Malaysian and Seychelles team shaking hands after a good match

Still, good sportsmanship was shown between the teams as each player took turns to shake hands with their opponents when the finals were finished.

Captain of the Malaysian volleyball team, Shervonne Lim Jia Jia, was very happy and proud of the team’s achievement and teamwork even though the team mates just knew each other not too long ago.

We would also want to thank all our friends and supporters. Shout out to the organisers for such an experience for all the players, too!

Nissa high-fives her team

Nissa Patricia Joseph, captain of Team Seychelles for this year’s silver medallists, remarked that the match was challenging.

We know how strong Malaysians are so we practised more than last year. And we think we gave them a good game as there was a lot of intense rallies.

Our team was in it for the fun and we are more than happy with the silver medal- it’s a great accomplishment for all of us as we could do something to represent our country.

Being so small, it felt great to have the flag flying high.

Winners of the Volleyball Finals. From left to right: Seychelles, Malaysia and Maldives



Gold: Malaysia

Silver: Seychelles

Bronze: Maldives


Written by Lee Sheen Yee 

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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