Egypt was the gold medallist for the male water polo event with dominating performances against Pakistan and Malaysia in the finals and semi-final respectively. India won the bronze medal by beating Malaysia in a match that was fought to the bitter end.

The games started off with the semi-finals between Egypt and Malaysia where the former thrashed the home nation 22 to 2.

It was then followed by India against Pakistan with the score of 4 against 12. Both semi-finals proved to be a one-sided match.

Proud winners of Water Polo 2017!

Bronze medal match (India-Malaysia)

The bronze medal match between India and Malaysia commenced with Sarah Thorp as the head referee. Both countries hit the ground running by getting a shot on target each within the first minute.

However, the main striker of India utilising his superior body size to his advantage to score first blood.

This was the bane of the side of the home country as he scored another from long range. Desperate for action, Malaysia tried several long shots as well with no results.

The action-packed match continued with both sides making good shots, hitting the framework and goalies making great saves. The first half ended with India leading 5 to 2.

A hard-fought match between the Indian and Malaysian teams

Malaysia started the second half with several on-target tries strongly but India’s defence was too hard to crack. They were unable to convert any of their efforts into goals.

Finally, Malaysia scored from the middle of the pool to narrow the goal deficit to 5-3. As the game went on, with 3 minutes remaining, Malaysia almost caught up with India when the score reached 6-5.

A small squabble broke out regarding the referee’s call on India’s foul on Malaysia. The matter was resolved quickly and shortly after that, India scored, bringing the score to 7-5.

With one-minute remaining, India tried to stall the game, but Malaysia still managed to pull one goal back. In the dying seconds, Malaysia had a clear game-levelling shot only to be saved by India’s goalkeeper.

The final whistle was blown, both nation’s shook hands and all ends well with the score of 7-6.


Gold medal match (Egypt-Pakistan)

While still hyped from the thrashing of Malaysia in the semi-finals, Egypt started warming up in the pool during the bronze medal match.

Egypt asserted their dominance by scoring 2 back to back goals quickly. The teamwork and skill of Egypt were too much for Pakistan as they surged to a 6-0 lead.

By then, Egypt was like a cat playing with their food as they teased the goalie by passing the ball between 2 players right in front of the goal. Egypt slowed the pace of the game but were still hungry for goals.

Their complacency served Pakistan well as they managed to secure a goal before Egypt hit one right back at them to bring the score to 7-1 at halftime.

Similar to the first half, Egypt was on full throttle as they spent the first 2 minutes of the second half in Pakistan’s side of the pool.

Somehow, Pakistan had 2 shots bounced off the crossbar barely tickling Egypt’s confidence.

Egypt then scored 4 goals in succession with the final one being a cheeky header sending the ball into the back of India’s net.

The finals ended with the score 15-1 in favour of Egypt.

Egypt celebrating their win over Pakistan, 15-1


Water Polo for females

There were only three countries participating under female category for water polo. These three teams had to face each other for once and then the team with the highest points were crowned champions. Malaysian women managed to earn the gold medal by beating Sri Lanka team 13-1 and Maldives team 10-2. Maldives earned the silver medal as they showed quite a performance trying to defend while Malaysia attacked and won 6-2 with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka became third as they fought valiantly trying to equalize the scores with either of the teams.

Final Results (M):

Gold: Egypt

Silver: Pakistan

Bronze: India

Final Results (F):

Gold: Malaysia

Silver: Maldives

Bronze: Sri Lanka

Written by Bervyn Tan Qin Chyuan

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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