It Is Here Again! Nottingham Charity Run 2017.

Nottingham Charity Run

SEMENYIH: On Saturday, 18th March, the 9th Nottingham Charity Run (NCR) commenced. NCR has been one of the biggest and most successful events that happen in UNMC annually.



The 9th Annual NCR coincided with ACE’s 10th Anniversary.

Organised by ACE, a charity based society, the NCR is one of many fund-raising events. ACE has also arranged fun visits to homes and other innovative, charitable activities at the university level. The ACE values; action with compassion and empathy, have helped them reach their 9th annual NCR, which also happens to coincide with their 10th anniversary.

Additionally, with the help of the MAD Fund, the funding for this year’s NCR was made possible. Established by UNMC, the fund is meant to provide financial support for student projects, which have a positive impact on the wellbeing of others.



Participants pose for a group photo at the NCR.

A total of 1200 students registered for this event, while approximately 900 turned up for the run. This number contributes directly to the successful donations for SHELTER Home for Children (SHELTER). SHELTER is an NGO that helps children of physical and mental abuse, victims or witnesses of domestic abuse and neglect, as well as abandoned and at-risk children in all possible aspects. The NGO uses their capacity and resources to enhance their well-being and nurture their potential as developing individuals. Additionally, SHELTER seeks to raise awareness on the pressing issues of mental illness and plan to generate the funds for counselling and therapy of the children under their care.

There were four main categories in this year’s NCR which were the 20km, 10km, 5km and the corporate challenge category. Participants of the 20km run were released during the warm-up session prior to the flag off. The 10km participants, Corporate Challenge and finally the 5km fun run soon followed. Later, at around 8 am, some runners were already ending their runs and crossing the finish line.

Runners making their way to the finish line.

Runners making their way to the finish line.

The Event Wrap-up.

Finally, there was a prize giving ceremony before the event ended. During this, medals were awarded to each of the top runners. Additionally, hampers were also presented to the best three winners from each category.

The Winners by Category.

The top three winners and the time taken by them for each category are as follows:


  1. Fidaus- 25mins 25 seconds
  2. Nor Izham- 26mins 06 seconds
  3. Ollie Ross- 28 mins 29 seconds

10km Men:

  1. Peter- 34mins 57 seconds
  2. Kenneth- 35mins 15 seconds
  3. Josephat Mamba- 35 mins 28 seconds

10km Women:

  1. Katie Clubb- 48mins 36 seconds
  2. Ana Lysia- 51mins 51 seconds
  3. Hafizah- 54mins 45 seconds

20km Men:

  1. John Kpop Somoeli- 1hour 16 mins
  2. Godwin Kirputo- 1hour 17 mins
  3. Daniel Kipotich- 1hour 21 mins

20km Women:

  1. Sueazam Ali- 2hours 19mins
  2. Paweena- 2hours 21 mins
  3. Chong Zhi Xin- 2hours 42 mins


There was also a carnival in which the participants could get some snacks and drinks to fill their tummies and quench their thirst. Additionally, there was also a RedBull car, a STAR booth, and a henna booth for the runners to check out. However, the biggest highlight of this event was the parade of the antique cars that grabbed almost everyone’s attention.

Interviewing Participants.

IGNITE also had the opportunity to interview two people who were involved in this run. The first, Liyana Nadhirah, was the organising chairperson for this event. According to her,

“There were a lot of challenges that I had to face before, during and even after this event. Since I recruited many first year students, some found this to be a challenge as they were not familiar with the system and event’s flow. Even to me, this was the first time I became part of the committee that organises NCR. During the planning process of this event, I could witness how all my team members grew and become closer to one another in order to achieve our common goals. I am glad that I had the full support of my team, consisting of 54 committee members, including 7 core committee members who stayed with me throughout and even after the event.”

The second interviewee was Fabiolla Netto, someone who is a very familiar face in UNMC. According to her,

“Attending NCR this year was great! Fun fact – I’ve been attending NCR since 2014, and for all the years, I’ve played different roles/ran different routes. In 2014 I hosted NCR, in 2015 I was the organising chairperson and in 2016 I ran 10k and got a top 100 medal! Every year was memorable and equally as special. This year I came back as an alumnus and joined the corporate challenge with my colleagues from Maybank and came home with trophies! Great way to strengthen our bond as a team. An advice she would like to give next year’s organising committee is to keep hustling and never forget who you’re doing this for! It takes a lot of willpower and commitment to execute something of this scale. Most importantly, remember that when it comes to organising a run, participant safety and welfare should always come first.”


In short, this year’s Nottingham Charity Run is organised and successful. The spirit and energy observed throughout the event were definitely remarkable. Additionally, the volunteers at the finishing line never failed to scream and cheer for all the participants who managed to cross the finishing line proudly.


Participants posing with their medals and prizes.

IGNITE congratulates Ace Society and the NCR organising committee for their success and hopes that it can be an inspiration for all the following NCRs to come.

Written by Dinesh Jayabalan.

Photographs by Ahmed Afrah Ismail.

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