Need to Know: Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Katy Perry

Hey, what’s going on? We’ve got you covered – this time ’round, it’s Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Katy Perry with their hot new singles.

Lana Del Rey falls in Love

It’s 2017, and the world’s estimated 2.5 billion millennials are running wild. Norms are a-changing, from home ownership (renting is the new buying, guys) and work culture (beer taps in the pantry!) to attitudes toward romance and relationships (one word: Tinder). But do our primordial urges still remain the same? Lana Del Rey, the American queen of the heartbroken, seems to think so.

After 2015’s Honeymoon, she’s broken her silence yet again with her fresh new single “Love,” and rumours of a new album. Over her signature theatrical sound, she lusciously croons about how some things about love don’t change, even in the youthful and fast-paced world of start-up companies, fixed-gear bicycles and swiping right on a screen for a chance at romance: “Back to work or the coffee shop / Doesn’t matter ’cause it’s enough / To be young and in love.” Oh, darling Lana, you give us hope and we “Love” you for that.

Lorde gives us the Green Light

While Lana Del Rey rests gorgeously in the present, Lorde powers us back to the heat of the 90s in “Green Light”. Five years since her breakout first album, Pure Heroine – which we all probably know the lyrics to at least one song from – the Kiwi wunderkind returns with this first taste of her upcoming album, Melodrama.

It starts pensively over a sparse piano accompaniment, before transitioning to a boisterous, fluorescent and dance-worthy chorus reminiscent of many a 90s dance-diva anthem. It’s not quite the languid and languorous “Royals,” or the wonderfully bizarre “Tennis Court,” but boy, we can’t wait until the entire album drops.

Katy Perry breaks the chains

Speaking of dance divas, the title of this new single by Katy Perry – “Chained to the Rhythm” – might be an homage to the fabulous Grace Jones and her seminal album, Slave to the Rhythm. But this is something we’d be able to better digest – after all, it is by Katy Perry, and it sounds like something we can listen to as we lounge poolside. Featuring Skip Marley, the grandson of the Bob Marley, “Chained to the Rhythm” is lush and ebullient.

It all looks and sounds like fun, games and pastel day-glo colours in the music video, but if you listen closely, you can find dark symbolism and jabs aimed towards the current state of U.S. politics: “They greed over the people / They stumbling and fumbling / And we’re about to riot.” We think it’s cool.

By Zamir Zainal
Header image: Turks & Underdog

I live for 90s alternative rock and Robyn's "Dancing on My Own".

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