Netball Finals Nations Cup 2017

Maldives takes the gold medal against Malaysia in the competitive Netball finals yesterday after being defeated in the Qualifiers. 

The final match saw both teams scoring, ending the match with a tie. Maldives was able to secure their first goal before half-time while Malaysia claimed theirs after the break.

An additional 3 minutes was given where Maldives made a surprising comeback by victoriously scoring another 2 goals and beating Malaysia with a 3-1 result. 

Nations Cup 2017 Netball Competition

The Maldives players, especially the goal keeper’s skills and speed didn’t give any opportunities for Malaysian players to take the ball away.

The strong and powerful defenders from the Malaysian team couldn’t overcome Maldives’ tactical passes and strategies and their accuracy in both passing and shooting the ball were the powerful key to winning the match.

Spirits were high earlier that evening as a crowd gathered to witness matches between players from Malaysia, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and Pakistan. 

Nations Cup 2017 Netball Competition

One key moment consisted of Malaysia defeating Maldives 4-3 in the Qualifiers during what was a highly intense match.

However, the Maldives team was not deterred as they managed to beat the United Kingdom 3-1 later in the semi-finals to book a spot in the final match to settle the score with Malaysia. 

Nations Cup 2017 Netball Competition

Cheers were loud and non-stop from the audience and supporters. The timekeeper of the match later found the final teams to be very good which made for an incredible and well-matched game. 


Written by Nur Fatin Amira

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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