News Bulletin: February Week 2

We UNMC students love our campus and gossip but do we know about any current affairs outside the campus bubble? Every week, IGNITE brings you a “News Bulletin” with a recap of the top 5 stories from the last week, that we think you need to read.

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16th February ,2015

1. ITALY: The richest candy man has passed away but his chocolate-y Nutella goodness remains intact.


2. The advancements in technology has made our lives easier but at the same time the rate of cyber crimes has rocketed. A professional group of cyber criminals has managed to steal 1 billion dollars!


3. NEW YORK: In the spirit of Valentine’s day a man was blinded by love. He attempted a bank robbery to fund his lover’s gender realignment surgery. We all expect to get a nice present however this man went a step further.


4. JAPAN: Could this finally be the year when Japan breaks the shackles of recession and continues the rapid progress it made a few decades ago?


5. LIBYA: Egypt retaliates in response to the ISIS video of killing Christians.


Any stories we’ve missed that should be included?


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