No Rest for Nottingham Wolves

Still feeling the hype of Team Malaysia winning the dodgeball Asia Pacific Championships (APCKL17) UNMC Dodgeball Club, aka the Nottingham Wolves took time off their Deepavali holidays to hone their skills. On the 5th of August 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur, they had a friendly cum training session with the renowned dodgeball club Guardians DC at Sunway Extreme Park. Taking the opportunity of the public holiday, instead of the cancelled training session from 6pm to 8pm, 9 players from the Nottingham Wolves participated in the friendly match.

A total of four players that participated in the friendly match from Guardians DC were part of the Asia Pacific Championship winning team. Two gruelling hours of non-stop playing left everyone drenched in sweat and fatigued.


 “It’s good to have friendly games like these occasionally. It gives exposure to the club’s members to further improve their tactics and skills. We will definitely improve since we are playing against some of the best.”

Ng Kuan Sheng, President of University of Nottingham Dodgeball Club

One of the members named mentioned that the club faced some difficulties making this experience possible, but it was worth it.

“Playing against veterans of the sport is great but opportunities like these are very rare because of the location of the University. Thank goodness for friends that selflessly drive all the way to Subang just for this.”

Mohd Shukri

We asked , one of the players to be fielded in Team Malaysia for the upcoming Nation’s Cup regarding the training regimes for the competition.

“Besides the regular club training from 6pm to 8pm on Mondays and Wednesday, nothing really special is in order. Maybe our captain, Kheng Luen has drills for us to practice in the next training session.”

Jessica Neoh

Games were played, advice was exchanged, bonds were strengthened and new friendships formed. Nottingham Wolves will be heading to INTI Nilai to have a friendly match with the latter’s dodgeball team on 23rd October 2017. With Nation’s Cup, the largest sporting event held by the Student’s Association of UNMC coming up, this would be the perfect platform for the defending champions, Malaysia, to retain their title for the 4th consecutive year.

Nottingham Wolves Dodgeball Club logo

The team representing Malaysia in Nation’s Cup consists of experienced players that have played the sport for at least three years. Most of them are final year students that have garnered numerous experience from either friendlies or tournaments. With the club’s core value being consistency, three years’ worth of consistent bi-weekly training are definitely a force to be reckon with.

By Bervyn Tan

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