Nott’s Makers Club: Maker’s Carnival 2018

UNMC, 17 March: Nott’s Makers Club organised an impressive event with a myriad of educational and fun-filled activities. Children from age 7 to 22 were invited from Desa Amal Jireh and Yeesuvim Kajang orphanages to learn fascinating DIY skills. The four workshops available were torchlight making, 3D drawing pen, candle making and soap making. UNMC Baking Society and UTAR’s Makers Club were also present.

DIY Torchlights

During the torchlight workshop, participants were taught how to create a makeshift torchlight using everyday items such as aluminium muffin cups and plastic covers. Participants also acquired a little bit of knowledge regarding the concept of circuits and identifying a conductor.

It is a fun and simple device to teach the kids plus it is easy to explain it to their age group.  This way we get to help the underprivileged children by exposing them to electronics and technology.

-Nitin Kumaran, Mechanical Engineering Year 2, Member.

Making 3-D Pens, Candles and Soap

Captivating the attention of many, the next workshop was about 3D drawing pens. The 3D pen stimulated the interest of many because it is a relatively new concept compared to what the children were used to seeing. With the 3D pens, many of them drew symbols of their favourite superhero.

Next was the candle making workshop. The children made their own wicks by melting candle wax and adding in the twine. Then, they poured wax into a container, adding fragrances and colouring. Even though the process is elementary, at the very least the children learnt about how a candle is made.

Using the same fragrance and colours during candle making, soap was also made at that event. The soap was made from glycerine, melted in a microwave. A few drops of essential oils (suited for soaps) and soap dye were added. Thereafter it was up to the children to decide on the colours and shapes they prefer. They could also place it in a mould and waited for it to solidify.

We want to do this because it encourages the kids to take care of their own hygiene. There are many types of soaps and some commercial soaps may not react well with their skin. It could become a new hobby and at the same time we get to promote DIY culture.

-Celine Ng, Mechanical Engineering Year 2, Design Team Advisor.

There was a booth by the Makers Club of UTAR who brought with them an impressive assortment of drones. The big drones had full functions while the smaller ones were racing drones. The drones were part of their exhibition while they also taught participants how to sew their own card holder. The materials prepared were available in many different colours.

There was also an exhibition by our very own Mechanical Engineering Year 1 students. They built cat feeding dispensers. The machines contained several different types of sensors that would enable it to dispense food when a pet walks by. Other than that, there was a 3D printer, a mini gaming console programmed by Nott’s Makers Club and a fully functioning drone, all on display.

Baking with the Kids

The glorious smell of cookies wafted through the room signalling the presence of UNMC Baking Society. They taught the children how to bake cookies, using a little oven for every batch. The children got to bring their own cookies home after the event.

Part of our vision is to reach out to more clubs for collaborations. Makers Club does not restrict us to only making physical things but also encourage us to make changes to other people’s lives. We are driven to give back to society whenever we can as we are also sponsored by the Impact Group and the Cascade Grant.

-Jackson Wong, Mechanical Engineering Year 4, President.

Written by Charmaine Phong

Photographed by Kuan Meng Xian


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