Off-Campus Food Review: The Breakfast Store

Craving for a western-style breakfast or brunch but too lazy to cook for yourself? Then the Breakfast Store in Univillage is the place to go! Situated at Ground Floor, it serves a variety of Western meals: from delicious pastas to mouth-watering pancakes. I was impressed by the service provided as the staff were attentive, efficient and friendly. On top of that, with every meal, the coffee and tea come free! Here are my personal top 3 Must-Try dishes to start you off with:


1. Pancakes

Fluffy, dense buttermilk pancakes served with a chunk of melting butter. Top this with syrup and a bit of cream, and this incredibly soft and sweet flat cake will melt in your mouth instantly! These sweet pancakes are served in such big portions, just two slices of them can easily fill you up! A serving consists of three slices, priced at RM8.00. You are also given the option of adding an additional scoop of ice-cream for RM4.00.

Cheese Omelette

2. Omelette

Calling out to all omelette lovers! This was undoubtedly one of the best I had ever tasted. The colour may be a little too brownish when it arrived, but I was pleasantly surprised when I cut into the omelette to find it filled with a mesh of diced tomatoes, onions, chicken and gracious amounts of cheese. The flavour was rich and the egg creamy. Priced at RM8.00, with its large portion size and delicious taste, it’s definitely worth a try.

Love Plate

3. The ‘Love Plate’

Unalike the previous two dishes, the ‘Love Plate’, came in the form of a smaller serving which may not be ideal for the big eaters out there. You are given options to choose the type of toast and protein you’d like from normal or garlic toast; baked beans or chicken ham. Also priced at RM8.00, it comes with four halved slices of garlic bread, a slice of ham and two fried eggs. The toast was crunchy, coated with a layer of perfectly salted garlic butter. I feel this dish may be more suited as a light breakfast or a heavier snack than a full meal.

As a lover of western-style brunch, the food at the Breakfast Store was very tasty and it feels like the perfect place to bring your friends along. The Breakfast Store opens from 8.00am – 6.00pm from Monday to Saturday, and closes on Sundays. With a welcoming ambience, this place should be added to the list of good food places that is worth returning to!

Written by: Lee Sheen Yee

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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