Off-Campus Food Review: Restaurant 52

Wondering where you should go with your large group of friends for a filling lunch or dinner? Restaurant 52, a Chinese restaurant in a cosy little house, is the place to be visit! This restaurant is situated right in Semenyih town, only a short drive from campus. Perfect for those not looking to travel far. Having heard from friends raving about this place and online articles strongly recommending to try the popular dishes they served, I entered the bustling restaurant with high expectations.

Beer Pork Ribs

The first dish that arrived was their famous house specialty, the Beer Pork Ribs (small: RM16, medium: RM24, large: RM32/ RM42/ RM48). The fragrance of the steaming pork ribs was mouth-watering and the ribs were well-coated in a dark glistening marinade. Although, it was a rather strenuous task to eat the tough meat and there more bones than flesh as well. The taste of the beer in the marinade was not as distinctive as anticipated but still notable for its sticky caramelized consistency.

Butter Prawn Ha Gou

The following dish was the Butter Prawn Ha Gou (small: RM15, medium: RM20, large: RM25). This was our favourite dish of the day and it came piled with a mountain of dried butter flakes, curry leaves and fried-battered prawns. The dried butter had a tasteful combination of sweet and crisp whilst the batter of the prawn was crunchy and scrumptious. The flavours, however, ultimately overpowered the main protein as there was barely any taste of prawn. Even so, this did not change the fact that we enjoyed every bite of its deep-fried goodness.

Chinese Steamed Egg

Next came the classic Chinese Steamed Egg (small: RM9, medium: RM12, large: RM15). It was nice and hot, garnished with a generous amount of chopped spring onions. Unlike other common variations of the dish, the egg was not covered in soya sauce and there was an absence of the century eggs. Nonetheless, do not let the lack of sauce fool you because this steamed egg had more taste than one could ever expect. It’s smooth custardy texture was unrivaled.

Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves

The final plate was the Stir-fried Sweet-Potato Leaves (small: RM10, medium: RM15, large: RM20). It was a simple fair of Chinese-style cooking and commendable for how un-oily it was.  Stir fried and cooked to perfection, the freshness of the potato leaves giving us an appetizing dish to savour.

My lunch at Restaurant 52 was packed with unexpected (pleasant) surprises with few let-downs. One noteworthy dish to try, would be the Clay-pot Curry Fish Head – Restaurant 52’s house specialty. However, we did not order this as it was a bit too costly and would be more suited to larger groups. Also, a tip for the Chinese food enthusiasts, the key to a satisfactory meal is to order the right portions: order a few of your favourite dishes in large portions and the others in a smaller portion for the best value-for-money.

The ambience of the restaurant was like any other typical Chinese eatery but what set it apart from the majority was how clean it was. I was pleased to find a wide range of dishes but the calculative and broke student in me was disappointed to discover the prices were a mystery. Although the time it took to order was swift, waiting for the dishes to come was not as it took them 20 minutes to arrive with our food.

By Marybeth Chang

Restaurant Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 11.30am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 9.30pm

Monday: Closed


Restoran 52, 52, Jalan Sungai Lalang, Kampung Baru Semenyih, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor.

Contact Number

Tel: 03-8723 8733

H/P: 012-643 9892Save


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