Food Review: OOH MY GAS Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

What’s cracking, foodies?! Time and time again, I bring you a couple of my awesome food-finds in Malaysia. Today, I’ll be telling you about OHH MY GAS Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (yes, you heard me right! Liquid nitrogen *nods and puts on cool girl sunglasses*)!  Being the person I am, my knowledge about happenings are as if I live under a rock so finding this ice cream joint was a little blessing from the food gods themselves!

Their store is located in Pavilion KL. The best directions I can give you, is that it’s located next to the Famous Amos store, under the escalator. It’s a cozy little spot for something as cold as ice cream. It’s easy to over look, so foodies, don’t be like me… turn on your food radars and look out for this place!

Your first line of duty when you get there is to stare at the at the information board/menu and take your picks. You start off by picking out the base of your ice cream which you have a choice between cream, soymilk (for you people interested in an healthy alternative) and gelato. I picked gelato, well just because its Italian and it sounds sexy *wink wink*. From what I hear, gelato has less fat and air churned into it making it denser compared to ordinary ice cream.

 After picking your base, you can then pick your flavor. You have a choice between 5 different categories that are Cheesecake, Soymilk Barioshi (some Japanese inspired flavors), Choco Lover and their Signature flavors. Once again, I was spoiled for choice! When it comes to ice cream and I can’t make a decision, I always pick something chocolate. This time around I picked Mint Chocolate. You can’t go wrong with something chocolate right? I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate anyways?!

After you place your orders, the ice cream maker, well, I think the more appropriate name is “ice cream chemist” seeing the circumstances, throws all your ingredients into a stand mixer and starts mixing it. Then, when the time is right, something only ice cream chemist would know, he adds liquid nitrogen into the mixture and freezes it at -196oC instantly into ice cream. They claim this method of making ice cream produces ice cream that is free from crystallization and is smoother and creamier compared to ordinary ice cream. Besides that, the ice cream is made on the spot and does not require any additives or preservatives. As a result, all of their ingredients are fresh and healthy, not to mention delicious!

 The moment of truth, I take a big spoonful and shove it into my mouth. It was good; I would rank it similar to other places like Gelatomio or Lecka Lecka. However, the whole liquid nitrogen element takes it to a whole new level of interesting!

The little Cutie Cup is RM12.90 and the bigger Sexy Cup is Rm19.90. On your first purchase you will be given a stamp card. You will receive one stamp for each purchase and after collecting 10 stamps; you get a free cup of ice cream! Isn’t that a great deal? So foodies, go try OOH MY GAS and tell me what you think. Be careful not to freeze your fingers off!

OMG! Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 

Lot P.1.2300,

Level 1, Pavilion KL,

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,

Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03-6242 5965



Till next time, good luck fellow foodies!

Adelynn Zon

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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