Last year it was “Hovercrafts”, this year “Pathfinder” — a  Robotics Competition organized by the UNMC Robotics Society in collaboration with IMechE Student Chapter UNMC and the IEEE supported by the UNMC Faculty of Engineering was held on the 14th of March at the UNMC Centre Plaza.


Pathfinder was organized in order to create awareness of robotic science. The competition consisted of participants from 10 different private and public universities in Malaysia as well as one team from the Ningbo Campus. The competition required the teams to build a robot and race it on a track without moving it manually but solely through coding. Hence the robot had to literally find its path, making its way through all four lanes. The winner was decided upon which robot completed the path. If there were to be a draw, the best time was to be chosen. The robots were timed once participants released it while raising a white flag, the timer would stop after the completion of all four lanes or like in the case for some of the participants; if the robot failed to move. In this case, the participants were allowed to raise their white flag and remove the robot off the track, ending its turn.

The competition commenced at 9 am with teams being provided a workshop table and tools to start building their robots. All teams were given two timed laps in the competition. The gist of the event was to assemble a robot and to ensure it operates accordingly. All teams were to decide their own strategy and design. In addition to the race, the most creative design was also awarded. In first place for completing the four tracks was the Universiti Tenaga Nasional who went by the name “UNI10”winning RM1500, second place was awarded to “Mechantronics Fly” of The Asia Pacific University winning RM1000 and third place to “UM Red 2” of the University of Malaya who secured RM500. Best Designs awards were won by the teams Ehome in first place, IIUM Roboteam in second and Uni10 in third place. The event was successfully conducted and efficiency was tested and proved present on an instance when there was a minute error with the track. The UNMC team handled this case in haste professionally and the track was once again good to use within minutes. Awareness of robotic science was not only created among present UNMC students but also to future UNMC students as the event coincided with UNMC’s Open Day.

The winning team from Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

By Amashi de Mel


"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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