Pineapples on Pizzas: Yay or Nay?

Pizzas are amazing – that’s something most of us could agree on. There are a wide range of pizza toppings available to accommodate taste and preferences of pizza eaters. But when it comes to pizza toppings, there is a never-ending debate on whether pineapples belong on pizzas.

Before we dive into the debate, let’s look briefly at the history of how pineapples became a pizza topping. If you initially thought that the practice of putting pineapples on pizza began in Hawaii, you are wrong! It actually began at the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario, Canada in 1962. Before the birth of the Hawaiian pizza, the restaurant served pizzas with toppings such as pepperoni, bacon and mushroom. One day, Sam Panopoulos, the restaurant owner, felt experimental put canned pineapple and ham on a pizza and called his creation Hawaiian pizza. The introduction of the Hawaiian pizza invoked love and hate in equal measure by the patrons.

Some pizza eaters think that pineapples definitely belong on pizza due to several reasons. The main reason would be the interesting combination of sweet and savoury, which offers a new stimulus to your taste buds and is a whole new experience from traditional pizza toppings. Apart from that, having pineapples on pizza can trick yourself into thinking that pizza can be (somewhat) healthy as pineapples have numerous health benefits like vitamin C and bromelain. However, many pizza eaters detest the idea of pineapples on pizza, thinking that they mess with the taste of the pizza. This has led to a massive debate on Twitter fuelled by memes and celebrities’ comments.

One of the tweets related to the debate. Source: Mail Online

Many famous figures have voiced out their thoughts about this matter on social media. In general, there are Team Pineapple which supports pineapples on pizzas:

1. The ‘pineapples and pizza are a match in heaven’ team (#TeamPineapple)

I actually like it. I love Hawaiian pizza. I think it’s really good.

– Paris Hilton

I have a pineapple, I have a pizza. And I stand behind this delicious Southwestern Ontario creation #TeamPineapple.

– Justin Trudeau

Pineapple on pizza is good, you guys don’t like that?

– Justin Bieber

2. The ‘pineapples on pizza just don’t work’ team

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and the President of Iceland Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson are not enthusiastic about having pineapples on pizza.

Johannesson even said that if he had the power, he would want to ban pineapples as pizza toppings. After facing uproar from social media, he further clarified that he loves pineapples but not on pizza.

Apart from searching for opinions on social media, I gathered opinions from my friends in UMNC and found out that, similar to the debate on social media, there is equal love and hate for pineapples on pizza. Here are two most popular replies I have obtained:

I love pineapples on pizza. They are so refreshing!

Ew! Pineapples on pizza? Why would anyone enjoy that?

I am not particularly fond of pineapples on pizzas, but sometimes I do enjoy Hawaiian pizzas – as long as the pineapples are not too sweet. There were few times where the pineapples, probably straight from the can, overpowered the cheese and got my taste buds confused. If the pineapples are prepared in the manner of Chef Anthony Carron of 800 Degrees Pizzeria where the fresh pineapples are used instead of canned pineapples, more people including myself would be more accepting towards pineapples on pizza.

No matter how heated this debate would be, everyone has his or her preferences that nobody could judge or influence. There is no right or wrong in the debate of pineapples on pizzas – only whether one likes it or not. Like what Alton Brown, a food show presenter, said:

If somebody wants pineapple on their pizza, I don’t think anybody gets to be a Pizza Nazi. You can have whatever you want on it.

Perhaps in few years to come, this debate may not be relatable because, for some reason, fruits like banana and strawberries have found their way into the pizza topping lists.


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