The SA Elections Voting System

Curious about the mechanics of the voting system? IGNITE had a chat with the IT officers and they told us all about it.

The SA Election voting system runs on the Qualtrics system, famous among a majority of American universities. The contract to utilise this system was signed two years ago and last year’s elections ran on this system. It is a very secure system as all the servers operate in the U.S. and not locally. Previously UNMC utilised a different online system however when SA requested for voting to be enabled off-campus it could not be done with the old system. Susequently, while looking for alternatives the IT team stumbled upon the Qualtrics system. Case studies have proven that American universities have successfully used the qualtrics system for their elections.

Survey and election links sent out to students are not anonymous links. Every link e-mailed to an individual is unique. Hence, when students access the link the system will identify the voter. This allows us to gather information on whether people have voted or not. This ensures that an individual may not vote more than once. We upload the student list or distribution list of what the Qualtrics system calls a ‘panel’ and only these individuals will be eligible to vote.

The disseminated link does not request for username and password to login because the system assumes your identity when you can log on to your e-mail account. Hence, the downside to this system is that if the given link has not been accessed for voting and were to be forwarded to another individual, they can access it to vote but still only once.

IGNITE encourages the whole student body to do their part and vote smart!


by Jonathan Sim

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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