School of Biosciences Annual Dinner

On the 22nd of April, the Bioscience Students of Nottingham (BSN) society organised the Bioscience Annual Dinner. It was held at the Undergraduate Common Room and was attended by lecturers and undergraduate students from the School of Biosciences.

The event began at 6 pm, with the guests arriving soon after. By 7 most of the guests were in attendance and the night began in earnest with speeches by Simran Venkatraman (the organising chairman of the event) and Dr Chin Chiew Foan (the advisor of BSN). Simran thanked the committee for successfully organising the dinner. Her words were echoed by Dr Chin, who added that this was the 6th year of BSN, as well as the 10th year of the School of Biosciences. The guests were then treated to an array of delicious food, who commented positively on the quality of what was served.

The night then continued with the lecturer awards, with the winners being chosen through an online poll. The Mother Teresa award went to Dr Sandy Loh Hwei San, whereas Dr Lim Yin Sze received the award of Funniest Lecturer. Dr Ajit Singh walked away with the Dad of the Year award, which elicited raucous laughter from the crowd. In a generous gesture of goodwill, the three lecturers then agreed on giving the hampers they had received to the students, a move which was met with cheers from the students.

Next up on the agenda was a performance by Thibbadarshini Ravechandran, a year 1 student from Nutrition and lecturer Sharon Romeo. They both performed a traditional Indian dance routine, displaying great finesse and ability while doing so. This was then followed by a performance by Nafla Ali Firag, who performed a rendition of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me“, with Mohamed Amsal on the acoustic guitar. The guests were then surprised with an impromptu performance by Assel Baishulakova, who covered the Etta James classic “At Last.

As the guests partook in the delectable fare, a lucky draw was carried out, with the grand prize winner receiving a gift hamper. The student awards were then given out. The Class Clown award went to Kartik Kanasamurti. Lim Jia Jet was awarded the Einstein of the Year award, whereas Kong Wei Yang won the Friendliest Student of the Year. The Biosciences Idol of the Year was won by Assel Baishulakova. The final award was the Social Addict of the Year, which went to Stephane Arul Mariampillai.

The last performance of the night was by Eugine Eu Khai Ghin, who wowed the crowd with an amazing display of his ability on his guitar, which had an autograph by legendary guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. Eugine then proceeded to perform a Tommy Emmanuel song, before playing a blues number that would have made the Australian guitar maestro proud. He finished his performance to rapturous applause from the audience, and deservedly so. The night then ended at about 9.40 pm, with a photograph session concluding the event.

Associate Professor Dr Nabin Rayamajhi, who was attending his first ever Bioscience Annual Dinner, claimed that he had a great time and wished for more events like this. With the emcee Nur Ilyani binti Hamzah energising the guests with her infectiously vibrant personality, the performers pulling of their segments to near perfection, and the organisers pulling the strings to make the event a successful one, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if everyone else agreed with Dr Rayamajhi’s words. Overall, it was a night that would be remembered for a long time, by the guests and organisers alike.

By Saran Anandan

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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