Self, Aware and Innate: A Philosophy

Wake up. For how long will you be deluded by this illusion? It is time you awaken to the truth.

Who are you? Are you this name, a name that will lose its meaning the day your eyes promise to close forever? Are you this body which will merge back into the elements of nature when deceased? Are you this personality that, when gone, might be mourned over but some time later utterly forgotten? Or are you this mind; this ego – culminating in the cease of a heartbeat?

Deluded, we often find ourselves identifying ourselves with a name – this name that differentiates us from everyone else; this name that people identify us with; this label of ours. We sometimes think our name is who we are.


Deluded, we often find ourselves identifying ourselves with our body. Our bodies keen to be slim; our faces want to look flawless; our hairstyles strive to be perfect. Concerned with our countenance, physique and appearance, we sometimes think that’s who we are.


Deluded, we often find ourselves identifying ourselves with this personality. It’s a persona that is gregarious or reticent, that either laughs obnoxiously at everything or is contemplative and solemn. These collective qualities and personal traits – that’s who we are.


Deluded, we often find ourselves identifying ourselves with this mind – this way of thinking; these thoughts, opinions, judgements and views that we form and hold about anything and everything. Our mind is composed by our choices, preferences, priorities, expectations from others, as well as from ourselves. It is constituted by our hopes and wishes to fulfill, dreams and goals to achieve. That little voice in the head that constructs all of this and more; that little voice is currently reading all of this, and we think that’s who we are.


All this is wrong because death is invariably imminent, and that day, all of this (name, body, personality and mind) will become obsolete. Nothing left.

Then why do we get immensely convoluted in this illusionary, transient mortal coil, knowing that nothing will be left? It’s because we haven’t yet awakened to truth. It is time to wake up and realize that we are not this, because our true nature is truly beyond. It transcends this transience.

Who are we really? Who are you? Who am I?

I am SAI. And so are you.

SAI: the Self that is Aware and Innate.

This Self is the compass which guides to the direction of wisdom, it is the light which illuminates the darkness of ignorance. It perpetually remains in a state of pure bliss and defines unconditional love. Some people call it the conscience; some, the higher consciousness; while others, the divinity within. All synonymous to SAI. This Self that is your true Self: timeless, constant, eternal.

This Self is Aware of everything. It is not bound by dimensions of time and space. SAI is omniscient, as it is omnipresent and all-encompassing.

However, how does one get to one’s own Self? The answer, dear friends, lies in the word itself, for SAI is: See Always Inside. It is Innate. One does not need to seek externally for it. SAI is found in the profundity of silence, when one delves inward. In this “SAI-lence”, which is not the mere cessation of speech but also the cessation of thought, one can operate as SAI. Love unconditionally and serve selflessly; this is SAI’s philosophy to discover it.

SAI is sweet inexplicable serenity, and that’s why it’s so crucial for all to be One with SAI. It is imperative that we be this Self, for if we don’t, we lose out as much as the frog did, thinking his well was all the world.

Recognize that SAI is your true nature, and act from this knowing. Repeat the affirmation of ‘I am SAI’ everyday with unwavering conviction and watch how the cosmos is unveiled before you.

The Self that is Aware and Innate is SAI, and you are that, I am that.

And that, is only what is right.


By Piya Raj Sukhani

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"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." (George Orwell, in Animal Farm, 1945)

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  • July 26, 2016


    Beautifully written. Keep it up.