In line with the United Nations’ great effort in practising the sustainable goals vision to improve the world that we are living in, Enactus UNMC decided to provide an avenue for university students across the Klang Valley to play their parts through event called Social Entrepreneurship Skills: Zero to One with the theme of sustainable consumption.

The main goal of the event was to equip students who may or may not have prior knowledge about business modelling to be able to create a presentable business model from a social enterprise idea they have. Hence, the name of the event- Zero to One: Social Entrepreneurship Skills.

Another objective was to educate students about issues of sustainable consumption and production of resources in Malaysia and how to use social enterprises to overcome some of those issues. This was the reasoning behind including a panel session in the event. It would give the chance for students to exchange ideas with social entrepreneurs who are dealing with these issues first hand.

They also aimed to give participants the chance to network with students from different backgrounds (hence why they were grouped randomly by the Enactus UNMC team). This was to improve their team working skills and be able to cooperate with people from different backgrounds.

17 Sustainable Goals Proposed by the United Nations (Source: United Nations)

The event started off at about 08:50 with a welcome speech by the Enactus UNMC CEO giving participants a brief introduction to the event and its flow.

The welcome speech was followed by a keynote speech from a representative from MAGIC. The keynote speech gave participants a brief introduction to the social entrepreneurial climate in both Malaysia and worldwide.

The keynote speech was succeeded by a panel session. The guest panelists included:

  • Yeong Sze Ern from Teach for Malaysia (who has some experience working at FOLO organic farms)
  • Yasmin Rashid from EcoKnights
  • Angus from The Hive
  • Turisaina Tukiman, Former Enactus President at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

This was basically a Q&A session where the participants were able to ask questions from the invited panelists and for the panelists to share their experience working with sustainability issues.

The panel session was succeeded by the Business Model Canvas workshop, which was run by a team from an associate of MAGIC, StarLah. The workshop lasted for about 3 hours, with a 45 minute lunch break in the middle. This was an interactive workshop where participants were introduced to the business model canvas and its key constituents. They were also taught how to come up with creative entrepreneurial solutions to tackle social and environmental issues.

The BMC workshop was followed by the Social Business Case challenge where participants had to come up with a social business idea related to the theme of our event (Sustainable Production and Consumption of Food and Energy) and create a presentation about it.

The presentation had two rounds. In the initial round, the 19 teams were split into two rooms where they presented in front of 4 judges (in each room). 2 teams from each room were then selected to compete for the final rounds.

The final 4 teams then competed in the final rounds in front of all 8 judges. The top 3 teams were then selected in the prize giving ceremony followed by a closing speech to thanks the judges, crew and participants for their hard work in making this event a success.

Group Picture of All Participants, Including the Panelists

Two of the greatest challenges faced during the event, as told by the Event Lead Organiser, Pouvalen, were the frequent changes in the lineups of the panelists and having the event on a day with MPU classes (compulsory Malaysian Studies class). These were solved in a prompt manner by the logistics and external relations team by re-allocating certain people.

There reigns a feeling of accomplishment. Our marketing team did a great job securing more participants than we targeted which was 100. We had 109 sign ups, 28 from other universities such as HELP, IMU, Monash, St Joseph, Sunway, TARUC, UiTM, and UTAR, UNITEN.

– Pouvalen, Event Organiser

The event team from Enactus UNMC revealed that in the future, be sure to look out for similar events and workshops and they aim to reach out to a wider audience. You can be updated with their news by liking their Facebook page.


Written by Kelvin Wong Chern Wei

Featured image taken from Enactus Facebook page

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