We Soundtrack 10 All Too Familar Holiday Moments

Christmas; the season of brightly lit trees, red stockings, carols, and milk & cookies for the visitor down the chimney. Despite the differences in celebrating the holiday around the world, the theme of love, joy, and sharing is universal. But it’s not all smooth sailing all the time, especially when you’re having to brace yourselves to meet the whole extended family, or pretend to like gifts you’d never be caught dead using. The season’s shenanigans can get a little… dramatic, as all family reunions tend to be.

With all that drama in the air, here’s some fitting show-tunes to accompany some of those “oh, so relatable” moments. 


1. When you go gift shopping

Into the Woods – Prologue

You’re going straight into the thick of the woods, so you better brace yourself. This is no holiday.


2. When everything is on sale, and you have to decide what, and how much, to buy

Fiddler On The Roof – If I Were A Rich Man

*a sudden strong wind blows the dust out of the barren wasteland that is your wallet*


3. When you’re discussing the trip back home for the family reunion

Dreamgirls – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going

“No, no, no, no, I’m not going!” you cry to no avail.


4. When the excuses you give don’t work

Something Rotten! – Hard to Be the Bard

Do you know how much effort it takes to come up with these excuses? At least give out some credit, even if you don’t believe any of them.


5. When you need to mentally prepare for the gathering

The Lion King Musical – Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days. That includes the whole holiday weekend, right? Right?


6. When you’re greeted by that one particular aunt with the never ending questions

The Sound of Music – My Favourite Things

Your mantra: happy thoughts, happy thoughts, keep that smile, and more happy thoughts.


7. When you find out that a cousin’s son-in-law’s brother wife’s niece had another kid

The King and I – Getting To Know You

So, this baby, 20 years younger than me, is technically my aunt, five times removed?


8. When the gifts are unwrapped, and the small package isn’t a ticket to Hamilton

Hamilton – Satisfied

No, I will never be satisfied until I watch Hamilton live :'(


9. When you get stuck with babysitting duties

Follies – Losing My Mind

I miss the safe haven of my quiet room so much, it’s like I’m losing my mind.


10. When you remember that in the end it is all okay, because family is family after all

The Lion King Musical – Can You Feel the Love Tonight?


Wishing all a very merry Christmas, and happy holidays!



By Renad Sadig & Neda Al-Asedi


Writer, feminist, theatre enthusiast, but most importantly a purveyor of the importance of performing arts, from dance to spoken word and all in between.

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