SEMENYIH: Chaired by the Steering Committee of UNMC’s Student Council, the first training session was a compression of tasks and responsibilities for each student to adhere to throughout the whole academic year.

Since  the committee had decided to split their training sessions and general meetings, only representatives of schools, courses, clubs and societies, hall tutors, and certainly, the officers of the Student Association attended this training session on the 11th of October.

Just as the agenda for the day was schemed through, three apologies were mentioned after which a short explanation was given on the process of getting an apology approved by the Student Council. The importance of presence of every member of the Council was emphasised as well.



To kick start the session with some fun, they played…Charades! The students had a good time acting and guessing the names during the ‘Act It Out’ categories, where interesting guesses such as “final year project”, “UNMC cash card”, “Beyoncé”, “Pretty Little Liars”, etc were on the list.

Students enjoying themselves in a game of Charades



The first in action: The Vice Chair, Miflal!

The Vice-Chair was the first to speak where he spoke about the last Student Association (SA) General Elections and stated the criteria(s) one needed to meet in order to become a candidate in the next election. Speaking on the existing voting system, he mentioned the essentiality of every student casting a vote. Several technical issues that occurred during the voting process was also addressed with the promise to resolve the problem with the IT services.



To strengthen the voting system at the university, the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system is a plan that the Student Council plans on executing.

One of the advantages to this new system is that students can choose to rank their candidates instead of just voting for one person and thus, would provide the candidates a higher chance of obtaining a vote from the students. The link of an animated video that was shown during the session for further explanation to the STV system is provided here.

When questions were open for discussion, a suggestion was made to make an infographic on the STV system instead of written pages of information.



The Secretary stated the important dates for the representatives to note; meetings, report submission deadlines and elections committee nominations, and again stressed on the importance of attending the Student Council meetings together, following its strict procedure in submitting an apology for it to be accepted.

A rough outline was given on the submission of a motion, the presentation of the councilor’s report and the proxy for the hall tutors and the Secretary asserted that all the reports need to be precise and clear as they would be sent out to all the students of the university.

It’s back to business with Student Council Secretary, Tan



Beginning his presentation with the Constitution and the Regulation of the Student Council, the Chair explained the procedure of a new motion being brought up to the council meeting, and how it must be based on the updates that were made over the last two years.

The seriousness of meetings’ attendance was again emphasised as he moved on to point out that a disciplinary guideline was mandatory to be followed for the report for it to be accepted and approved.



For a motion to be proposed, discussed and passed during the Student Council meeting, it had to be validated and accepted by the Council first, before or after the Council meeting.

The Chair then further explained the procedure of addressing a motion in the Council meeting, censure motions, amendments, mandates and the affiliations. Concluding his presentation, a short recap on the debates that took place in the previous Council meetings of the 2016/2017 academic year was brought upon.


The meeting ended by 8.45pm and pizza was served as refreshments to all the attendees.

Written by Suchitra Saayi A/P Sugumaran

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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