Student Recipes: Cheesecake

A delicious summer dessert will make you escape Malaysia’s heat and enjoy its great taste. Cheesecakes can be made for all occasions. As a student with no oven to use, our best option is the no-bake cheesecake recipe.

Cheesecake is all about layers: crunchy, creamy and thick. Here is the recipe, hope you enjoy making it as much as we did.



Layer 1:

250g digestive biscuit

100g butter, melted


Layer 2:

200g Philadelphia cream cheese

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

170g thick cream

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. lemon juice (we used a syrup but you can use a fresh lemon)

1 tbsp. plain gelatine melted in 1\4 cup of warm water


Layer 3:

1 and 1\4 water

1 pack of Jelly (any flavour you like)

Or instead of using jelly you can buy pie filling and top the cheesecake with it

Strawberries (optional)

* Note: you can find everything in Tesco and the thick cream from the Uni Village mart.


How to:

  • Crush the biscuits and add the melted butter to it.
  • Place them in a cheesecake tin or small cups (depend how you want to serve them). Then put them in the fridge for 30minutes to set as you prepare the other layers.
  • Place cream cheese + sweetened condensed milk + thick cream + vanilla extract + lemon juice in a bowl and stir till smooth
  • Pour gelatine and water and mix until well combined then pour it in the mixture
  • Spoon the cream mixture onto the tin or cups then chill in the fridge until the layer is firm
  • Prepare the jelly one hour before. When it cools pour it on the cream the place back in the fridge.
  • You can top it with strawberries or whipping cream if you want it to look more attractive!

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Voila! That’s all. You can add some sweetness to a family gathering or any occasion. It is easy, fast and yummy.



By Taiba Hasan Mohamedi


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