The 2017 Nations Cup Opening Ceremony: Let The Games Begin!

UNMC’s 7th Nations Cup has officially begun!

The biggest annual sporting event on campus has brought about talented athletes from all nations together to compete with one another for this year’s title. With as many as 22 sports from 52 categories and representatives from different countries, it is no wonder that this year’s games are scheduled to span across three-weeks, starting from 20th October until 10th November.

Heavy rains on a Friday evening led the opening ceremony to be delayed until 7.30pm. Though the weather did not keep the organising committee, participants and supporters from diverse backgrounds to make the event a success – making an inspirational sight of unity.

The Opening Ceremony

This year’s Nations Cup started off with a bang! As the Chinese Cultural Society presented a thundering and powerful drum performance, igniting excitement from the crowds.

The SA Sports Officer, Omar El Shweekh, then gave his opening speech as he wished everyone to enjoy themselves during the games prepared this year.

Next came the performance from the Nottingham Sports Team. A range of sports were showcased, including tug-of-war, archery, frisbee, swimming, and many others that will be hosted later on in the competitive games. An upbeat Zumba performance followed on, hyping up the atmosphere even more as members of the crowd joined in the dance.

As per annual ritual, the Nations Cup opening ceremony concluded with the Torch Lighting ceremony. The crowd cheered on for the captains from the top 3 winning nations from previous year, relaying the torch from Egypt (third place), Sri Lanka (second place), and Malaysia (first place) to this year’s Sports’ Officer who lit the fire.


Freshers’ Thoughts  

This year, IGNITE bumped into two international freshers, who were willing to share their thoughts about the event overall:

I found the Nations Cup event unique as there is so much diversity in one place!

Eriko, Japan, 1st Year in PHIR

I find the event to be a great platform for an ice-breaker among students of different countries and cultures through sports.

Gangul, Sri Lanka, 1st Year in Environmental Science

A Drop in Standards?

While the new freshers appear anticipative, those who went for last year’s opening ceremony seemed to have witnessed a drop of standards.

A second-year PhD student, who declined to be named, commented that the event seemed to have lost its “spark”, as last year’s theme seemed to be more energetic with musical performances from the Music Society and the Nottingham Dance Club.

Nevertheless, much may still be anticipated for the upcoming games and the closing ceremony as our fellow athletes gear up for the fight of this year’s title!

Finally, IGNITE would like to wish all participating athletes: May the odds be ever in your favour!


Written by Lee Sheen Yee

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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