The Music Catcher Project #1: What do UNMC students listen to?

Sitting in the Undergraduate Leisure Room last week, I noticed most of the students, regardless being alone or in groups, were having their earphones on. At that moment, I was curious about the music everyone usually listens to whenever they put on their earphones. So, this week we came up with an interesting idea which is to go around and discover UNMC students’ music taste. Without further ado here are some of the students we’ve talked to about their music preferences!


Yang Zi Xuan | Mechatronics | Year Two

Sitting alone in a corner in The Core, listening to Linkin Park while working on his assignments. We managed to have Yang offering some time of his to share his music taste with us. He does not hold a particular preference in music, instead he likes going along with the mainstream pop music. His current favourites include:

Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne – “The Way I Are (Dance with Somebody)”

Harry Styles – “Girl Crush

Macklemore ft. Kesha – “Good Old Days

Rita Ora – “Anywhere

One Republic ft. Seeb – “Rich Love


Chua Rou En (Joann) | English Language and Literature | Year One

Joann, who just finished her last class of the day, was going through her pre-readings when I  found her in the F4 building. She was listening to an emotional, heart-warming Mandarin song – “At Least I Still Have You” (至少还有你) by JJ Lin while it was raining outside. Similar to many of us, Joann’s song picks depend on her daily mood. Although there is a variety of songs in different languages, in Joann’s opinion, she personally prefers Mandarin songs as she could better express herself while they give her a sense of relatability. Suggested by Joann:

Bihao – “Be With You” (陪着你)

Yoyo Sham – “Chasing The Light” (追光者)

Mayday – “Here, After, Us” (后来的我们)

Joker Xue – “Snow of Love” (认真的雪)


Aishwarya Nirmala Adaikalaraj | English with Creative Writing | Year One

Being in the same class with Aish, I have always seen her walking into class with her earphones and of course, she would never leave the class without them too. It was my pleasure to catch up with her one day after class, because the songs she introduced me are all Bops! Just like the sassy and cheeky vibes she brought out in her ways of dressing, the music she listens to is also rocking. The 70’s and 80’s music are her favourites. Here are some of the songs she recommends in one of her playlists – “Vintage Bops”:

Nancy Sinatra – “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”

Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong – “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Chet Baker – “It’s Always You

Nina Simone – “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl”

B.J. Thomas – “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head


Foo Yee Haei | Environmental Science | Year Two

When the stalls are closed and the cafeteria is quiet at night, Foo likes to sit in the corner and do his work while listening to music. In order to provide himself a tranquil study environment, Foo normally listens to ballads, RnB and. According to Foo, he does not have a specific list of favourites, but if he has to choose, his best-treasured artist would be Kim Jae-joong.

So that was a wrap-up for this week’s hunting! We look forward to our next project so we can check out different genres/variations/types of music, also at the same time get to know more about our UNMC students!

By Vicki Lai

I live for 90s alternative rock and Robyn's "Dancing on My Own".

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