Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

As a new year commences, often we hear many people trying to come up with resolutions that they want to achieve. Most of the times, these resolutions are related to fitness, personal development, social circle, health or even their work.  For some, these resolutions help them change an undesired trait or behaviour of theirs while for others, it is just an excuse to procrastinate on something and wait for the next new year to achieve what they wanted to achieve years ago. Today, we decided to list 5 very common resolutions that people would want to achieve and what are the best ways to achieve them. Do see if your resolution(s) made it to the list!


  1. Losing Weight

For many of us, losing weight has always been our goal. This resolution usually comes with goals like “To exercise more”, “To hit the gym” and even something like a “No Sugar Diet”. It may be easy to say things like this but to maintain them is almost impossible if you do not have self-discipline. If this is one of your new year resolution for 2018, then make sure you get yourself some self-discipline before having high ambitions. So set yourself tangible goals to achieve and make sure you monitor your progress. If you go on a diet, make sure it works for you and you do not give yourself to temptations. Its Dieting. Not Die Eating! Snack healthily and stay away from junk food.  If all fails, join the FITNESS CLUB!


  1. Stop Procrastinating

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As students who are constantly bugged down with assignments and essays, there is no doubt that procrastination is one of the biggest villains for us. Some procrastinate by binge watching television series, hanging out with friends or simply by doing NOTHING. We procrastinate because we believe in our superhuman ability to do everything at the last minute in hope of it being enough. If your new year resolution is to stop procrastinating, you need to constantly remind yourself about your goals and what you need to do. Having a timetable alone will not be enough. FOLLOW it. Manage your time well and do contact your PERSONAL TUTOR if you need some guidance or help.


  1. Be a better person

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This resolution is very common but tricky. For some, being a better person may mean that they want to work on their self-confidence. While for others like me, it maybe something along the lines of treating people nicer, being kind or simply to be polite and not an ass to others. This resolution may not need serious discipline like the other two, but it needs a lot of thought and attention. People who go through an existential crisis or just lost someone whom they loved may find themselves having this in their resolution list. To be a better person, you need to first understand yourself. Acknowledge your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Bank on your strengths and use it wisely to help you feel better about yourself. See the good in everything and try your best to not give up easily. Do things that you love and love everything you do. Slowly but surely, you will find yourself improving and being in a better place.


  1. Friends, Family and Relationships

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Some of us have this resolution to work on our friends, family or romantic relationships.  This includes those who are keeping their fingers crossed to find themselves a partner. The common problem many of us face in the relationship arena is miscommunication. Sometimes what we say may not actually be what we wanted to say and vice versa. We often lose friends because the harsh reality of the world is that people leave and those who meant to stay will stay. If you have this in your 2018’s resolution, cherish every moment you get to spend with your family. Go on random last-minute trips (Port Dickson isn’t so far, and they have good Starbucks there now), spend time with your loved ones and give them the attention they need or deserve. Always remember who was there for you when you had no one and remember to let your guard sometimes when it is necessary. Revenge maybe sweet but the outcomes are usually bitter. Forgive those who wronged you and give them a second chance. If they screw up again, then you may leave them for good.


  1. Be Happier

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Ideally at the end of the day, all new year resolutions lead to this. You will want to be a happier person. One of the best ways to do this is to give yourself a break. No matter how hard things get, don’t overwork yourself or get stressed out. Have a break (and maybe KIT KAT?) and rest well. Drink more water and have sufficient sleep. Do what you think will make you a happier person. Spend quality time with your loved ones and don’t let problems and minor issues get to your head. Give up things that do not benefit you and most importantly, end toxic friendship or relationships. It may sound hard or even impossible but when you do it for your own good, you will be satisfied with the end results. Read more, get yourself organised and have more sex (if you like). Do what makes you happy because you only live once! And sometimes even that can be so tiring.


All in all, as we bid farewell to 2017, do reflect on your journey and work on becoming a better version of yourself. Don’t let others dictate you on what to do. Do what you think is the best for yourself. Pick up new hobbies, try new things and go on adventures that you will never forget. The more memories you make, the more satisfied you will be of this new year. Don’t feel down too quickly when something goes wrong and most importantly, DON’T TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU WILL DO IT NEXT YEAR INSTEAD! We hope your new year will be the best year of your life so far!

Written by Dinesh Jayabalan

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