Feeling hungry after your evening Tuesday’s class? Craving for something to satisfy your hunger? Why not stop by Enactus bazaar for dinner? Picking up from what has been left out from the previous article, there is still good food, which remains uncovered. If you are having trouble to find scrumptious food from a good stall, don’t worry! Here are a few stalls that you can grab some delicious food.

Stall 1: Shifu Kent

Shifu Kent – a stall of a Chinese couple who sells asam laksa and fried carrot cake. The stall looks nice with its red food banner too.

i) Asam Laksa

Asam Laksa

Aromatic and flavourful, the Penang Asam Laksa is one of best asam laksa you can get on the campus. It tastes slightly sweet and sour. The noodle of the asam laksa is soft and chewy. The portion of this dish is reasonable. This dish packs a punch because of its broth that is piping hot and appetisingly sour. If you are a sardine lovers and also looking for something appetising, this will be the best choice and it just costs RM7.

ii) Fried Carrot Cake

Fried Carrot Cake

Frying on a big wok on the spot, the fried carrot cake will definitely get your attention. Perhaps, you may think it’s all carrot, but it isn’t. It consists of fried batters, beansprouts, eggs, and radishes. Oddly, you won’t taste any radish in it but only the taste of the soy sauce and eggs, which provides a slight mellow sweet and salty taste. The fried carrot cake is soft without crunchy texture. The portion of this dish is just appropriate. However, it is lack of the ‘char’ taste that enhances the taste and the mood of craving for more. If you are looking for a ‘char kuey teow’, it will be a nice substitute and it costs RM6, with the rating 4/5.

 Stall 2: Delton’s Kitchen

Delton’s Kitchen – a stall of a Malay lady and her daughter, and they sell Western and Malay cuisines. The stall is well-organised as the food are arranged for the customers to see.

i) Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Craving for some nasi lemak yet having a hard time finding a cheap yet scrumptious nasi lemak? Then, this nasi lemak is what you are looking for! A ‘complete’ nasi lemak with anchovies, peanuts, a slice of hard-boiled egg and some cucumbers, the sweet spicy sambal and the most important is the good portion of rice! The nasi lemak is delicious because of sweet spicy sambal, the mild salty taste of the anchovies and the soft texture of the rice. The price of the nasi lemak is just RM2! If you are wondering if you can add something to it, yes, you can! By adding an egg, it costs extra RM1 and by adding a piece chicken, it charges RM2.

Stall 3: Kebab Stall

Kebab Stall­ – a stall of a pak cik and his son, which sells chicken/beef tortilla and pita. Although the stall looks plain or not attractive, the food is mouth-watering. 

i) Chicken Tortila

Chicken wrapped in a fried tortilla, it looks simple, plain and unattractive. But, what hides behind its appearance is a burst of flavours. The chicken is fragrant, juicy, and mild salty harmonising with the soft, fried tortilla, which tastes slightly starchy and enhances the taste of the chicken. The portion is small, which is suitable for those who are in a hurry and needed something to fill up their stomach. The chicken tortilla costs only RM 6, with the rating 3/5.

(A gentle reminder: Those stalls usually have long queues during the evening, especially Kent Shifu. So, make sure you come early to avoid it.)

Photos by Anne Marie

Written by Darren Chin Guang Zheng


"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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