Nations Cup 2017: Tug of War (M) Finals

The 2017 Nations Cup Tug of War Men’s finals was taken by storm of crowd when Egypt came out to grab the gold medal for the game. Followed by United Kingdom as the runner up with a silver medal. Sri Lanka came in third, adding a bronze medal for their tally.

As it had just rained a few hours before, the Tug of War was held on the muddy, dampened Sports Complex field on a Monday evening. There were three participating nations in total, Egypt, United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka. The games consisted of three rounds each where two teams at each side of the rope battled through, pulling the rope with all their might as they fight for winning title.

Intense battle between Sri Lanka and UK

After rounds of intense pulling by both sides, the last round between team Egypt and team United Kingdom was twisted when team Egypt decided to go 5 against 7. Impressively, even though outnumbered, they still managed to pull their opponent down to the ground, won the round and eventually grabbed the champions title.

Egypt readying themselves for the tug of war

Prior to the finals Sri Lanka had battled the United Kingdom, where United Kingdom won all the three rounds and secured the bronze medal.

Sri Lanka pulling with all their might

The prize-giving ceremony ended with the beautiful national anthem of each country around 6.50pm.

Prize Giving Ceremony

Final Results:

1st Place: Egypt

2nd Place: United Kingdom

3rd Place: Sri Lanka


Written by: Khairina Binti Khairul Nizam

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