UNMC Events: JOM MAKAN 2017

On the evening of 7th December 2017, the International Student Bureau organised Jom Makan at the Fountain Area.

As the SA International Students’ Officer, Nkosikhona stated:

It’s essentially just an opportunity for local and international students to find common ground to have a first conversation. Food was the first thing I saw brought people together in Malaysia so whilst it may not be as intimate setting as an open house, it’s the thing I’ve fallen in love with the most here and sharing my love for food with all the students is why we’re having Jom Makan.

As food trucks and stalls are the main highlights in this event, I have chosen some top picks:

  1. LeckerEis

LeckerEis – the gelato and sorbet stall of a couple. The stall looks attractive with its lighting. Their gelato comes in a variety of flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Banana, and Lemon. 

Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana

(Straw…Va…Na…Na…Na…Na…My heart is in StrawVaNa…oh…na…na…na…na…na)

Soft and sweet. This gelato will simply leave your mouth with a gentle sweetness that relieves your stress. The vanilla gelato is simply fragrant and sweet, the banana gelato tasted like you are eating a banana, and the strawberry gelato brings a slightly sour taste. Indeed, the flavours have balanced all the sweetness. Every scoop of three costs RM6, which is quite reasonable. So, if you are looking for a mouth-watering ice cream, this sorbet stall is just perfect for you.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  1. Kebab Lambak

Kebab Lambak – one of the university staff’s kebab stall. He will certainly be there in most of the UNMC food events with his wife. The stall looks great and neat. 

Roti Ayam

Roti Ayam is one of the scrumptious food for bread lovers as it is stuffed with a piece of roasted chicken, fried onions, a few slices of tomatoes, and cucumbers. Mayonnaise and chilli sauce are added to enhance the spiciness and creaminess of the roasted chicken. The food portion is suitable and convenient for those who are in a rush. It costs only RM5. However, it is a bit oily, which might evolve the customer disappointment.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ✩  ✩

  1. Ganbatte (Japanese Food Truck)

Ganbatte – the Japanese food truck, operated by three sellers. The food truck looks beautiful with a black Japanese theme. 


A creamy, fluffy ball with a small bit of octopus inside, is usually sold during the Japanese festivals. If you are a Japanese food lover, this Takoyaki is worth a try. You might think that it is just an ordinary takoyaki with the creamy and salty taste, but it’s not. It also provides a crunchy texture, which is the hidden cabbage in the Tako. It is simply a bite-sized portion as it acts as the appetiser before your meals. It costs RM6 to a craving for this takoyaki.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

  1. Bist Du Gut (Western Food Truck)

Bist Du Gut – the Western food truck of three owners. It has got a nice appeal with the large, delicious-looking photos of the menu displayed.

BBQ Chicken Rice

A cliché chicken bento – a box of rice with fragrant roasted chicken fried with the BBQ sauce and some appetising fruit and veggie salad. It will simply bring you back for more. The chicken tastes spicy with the sweet BBQ sauce, whereas the salad is refreshing. The portion is a bit unreasonable as the dish costs RM10. Given the price, I would have expected more rice.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩

  1. Melawati Kebab (Kebab Food Truck)

Melawati Kebab – a Kebab food truck, operated by three people. They sell kebabs and other snacks such as the chicken ball, burger, tortilla, etc. The food truck looks striking as it is yellow and spottable.

Chicken Ball (Served with fries)

Such a disappointment as the taste of the chicken balls and the french fries have completely been ruined by the overloaded chilli sauce and mayonnaise. Personally, the first few bites of the chicken ball are still bearable but the mixture of the chilli sauce and mayonnaise results an awful taste. In addition, the French fries are too soggy and lack crunchiness. Nonetheless, the portion is still reasonable with a cost of RM6.

Rating: ★ ★ ✩ ✩ ✩

Overall, the Jom Makan food is good yet some are a bit pricey. The event was quite a success as it attracted the students from different nationalities to enjoy the food and mingle around with other people.


Featured image by Kuan Meng Xian

Written by Darren Chin Guang Zheng

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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